Myths & Truths About Cleansing Oil & Oil Cleansing

by Wendy Kim on Sep 11, 2017

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  Oil cleansers are the injudiciously shunned players of a strong skincare routine. While the oil cleansing method might sound like the end of the world to some, there are many other great skincare offenses that should be taken care of before placing oil cleansers on the back burner. Still, many are plagued by a fear that isn’t worth the effort. 

The oil phobia.

 The kind of oil we should really be scared about is the pool of it found on the top of a pizza, or the gasoline prices that are slowly hiking up every day. While it’s true that not all oils might be the right fit for your skin type, the myths surrounding oil cleansing aren’t all true either. As with all skincare, what works for some might not for others. But this doesn’t mean we can discount the fact that like dissolves like, and therefore oil dissolves oil. However, fear of a greasy face, acne and clogged pores gunk up the truth that oil cleansing, when done right, is in fact very effective in removing foundation to even the most waterproof mascara, and even the gunk blocking your pores. Naturally cleansing your face with the right blend of oils can lead to balanced oil and sebum production because the skin isn’t harshly stripped of its natural oils during the cleansing process, according to an interview with dermatologist Dr. Sejal Shah by BuzzFeed Life. Even with this, widespread negative myths surrounding oil cleansing have been around for quite a while, and us at Klairs have taken this opportunity to do some myth-busting 

Myth 1. Oil clogs pores and leads to acne.

 For far too long, people have mistakenly come to believe that oil somehow equals acne. Oil alone doesn’t cause acne. Primary factors like genetics, hormones, age and buildup of dirt, dead skin cells and external bacteria are the leading causes for the development of acne. Not all oil is bad – oil and sebum is naturally present on the face to protect and heal the skin. However, oil production doesn’t necessarily clog your pores or lead to an oil-slick appearance. 

Myth 2. Squeaky clean skin is the way to go.

 Cleansers should work to erase dirt and makeup without disrupting the natural balance of the skin. For those of you out there that scrub away until you achieve a skin-skidding feeling (we see you), you’re actually doing more harm to your skin than good. “When skin is stripped of its natural oils, it reacts by becoming really dry or really oily.” Bobbi Brown said in an article. Because your skin has been stripped of its natural oils, the sebaceous glands then work in overdrive to compensate for the sudden dehydration. 

Myth 3. Oil is the equivalent of the plague to people with naturally oily skin.

 Those with oily skin make the mistake of purposely trying to ‘dry out’ the skin, thinking that this will revert their problems. You can’t stop the natural production of oil, but what you can do is make sure your skin maintains the right oil balance for healthy skin. This means that a little bit of oil might actually be beneficial. 

Myth 4. Oil and water don’t mix. It’s too much of a hassle to remove it.

 Hopefully by now, you’ve been convinced that oil isn’t such a bad thing. But if you’re still shying away for fear of an ever-present ‘greasy’ appearance, fear no more. It’s as simple as taking a pump of oil, massaging it into the face, and rinsing it away with a splash of warm water. This emulsifies the oil and leaves the skin clean and radiant. [caption id="attachment_20357" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Myths & Truths About Cleansing Oil & Oil Cleansing Article Insert 2 Klairs Gentle Black Deep Cleansing Oil[/caption] 

The buzz on our Gentle Black Deep Cleansing Oil as a Facial Cleanser.

 The [KLAIRS] Gentle Black Deep Cleansing Oil is comprised of various vegetable oils, primary relying on three natural essential oils: black bean, black sesame and black currant. While these three black super foods are great for the body, they pack a punch with their unique properties that also do wonders for the skin. While staying gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin, it acts as an intense source of moisture while also maintaining balanced oil and sebum production. This would be the perfect oil facial cleanser to not only remove makeup and impurities off from your skin but also keep your skin hydrated. 
Myths & Truths About Cleansing Oil & Oil Cleansing Article Insert 3
 *Black Bean Oil: regulates sebum protection, soothes, increases skin’s elasticity.*Black Sesame Oil: prevents dehydration and aging, acts as an antioxidant.*Black Currant Oil: anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anti-oxidative properties.*Jojoba Oil: reduces irritation and inflammation.*Shea Butter: anti-inflammatory, moisturizing.

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