Korean Skincare for Humid Weather to Get You Through Summer

by Lorena Jimenez on Jul 28, 2018

Dear Wishtrenders, it’s official, summer is here to stay, at least for a couple of months. And yes, that means we have things to put in consideration and come up with a solution for our skin. This comes around every summer in Korea but for those of you guys who live in places where it’s humid 24/7, you will want to hear me out for this one.As the weather gets hotter and hotter, I start to question, what can I do to save my skin from this heat, this humidity! How can I keep my skin not looking sweaty and greasy but of course keeping it healthy and clear! And this is a question that we are struck with every year when summer comes by.korean-skincare-for-humid-weatherBut no worries, we will get into the perfect Korean skincare for humid weather, in order for your skin to feel and look its best, even while surviving the hot summer months.

What About Humid Weather?

The condition of our skin varies according to internal and external conditions. Among many different factors that affect our skin, weather and climate play a huge role. And it is best to give our skin different care, accordingly to the different climate conditions. So what happens to our skin when it is exposed to humidity and what can we do to take care of it best during those times? Well, you are about to find out.The most important fact check we must put into account in humid climates, is that skin can still be left dehydrated even in humid climates. And when I say ‘dehydrated’, I am referring to the loss of moisture in the deeper layer of the skin. When it is extremely humid and the temperature is high, our body temperature rises and we start sweating. So this might leave you feeling like your skin is not dry but you should never be relieved thinking that your skin is hydrated. During hot summer days, we sweat but also our skin is exposed to ACs indoors which dries the sweat off from our skin quickly. This in return, can dry out our skin but again, our skin naturally responds with high production of sebum when it becomes dehydrated and when we sweat again, this blocks pores and leads to troubles.When you add high temperatures, humidity and sweat to clogged pores, we create the perfect environment for bacteria to grow, developing even further skin troubles. Reason why all together, humid weather is an explosive cocktail to unbalance the skin, get pimples, imperfections, skin swelling, low key dehydration, excessive sebum production and even rashes, due to the excessive heat and irritation.

3 Skincare Rules for Humid Weather

To best deal with these problems there are three major points that any perfect Korean skincare for humid weather, should attach:- The replenishment of water loss and balancing of moisture levels- Deep cleansing- Protection and long-lasting hydration for the skin

1. Deep Cleansing

In order to eliminate all the build up that has been occurring into the skin you need to deep cleanse your pores. Using products that will reach well enough to eliminate all the extra impurities and help you keep your skin smooth, uncongested and acne free.In order not to compromise our skin's barrier, further irritate the skin or create a deeper moisture imbalance, you do not need to forget that the deep cleanser that you should be using, has to be efficient, but also respectful with the skins PH. which means you will need to find a product that will protect your skin at the same time it detoxifies it. Hopefully also helping with the cell turnover cycle, since you will want to keep exfoliation to a minimum, when skin is exposed to such easily irritant weather conditions.Due to all of the reasons explained above, [KLAIRS] Gentle Black Sugar Charcoal Soap is my product recommendation for this step. A product in which the charcoal will help draw out impurities, while the other ingredients will help not only detoxify the skin, but also, lightly exfoliate it while keeping a good hydration balance.

2. Replenishment of moisture loss

Due to the fact that our skin dehydrates easily on this climate, we need to take into account that a regular moisturizing process might not cut it, if we want to keep our skin properly hydrated.Because the hydration loss that occurs during humid seasons, comes mainly from an internal loss of water. In order to properly replenish moisture levels, we will need to focus on moisturizing from the inside out. Meaning that we will want to go for products that are thinner in texture and will reach deeper into the skin. Nourishing from the deeper layers outwards.In order to do so, thin but highly moisturizing products like the [KLAIRS] Supple Preparation Unscented Toner and [KLAIRS] Midnight Blue Youth Activating Drop will be your best approach. They will provide deep moisture that will still allow your skin to breathe even during the hot summer months. A big tip for this step will be layering. Routines like the 7th skin method or mixing and combining thin but rich products and applying them multiple times, will be very helpful to replenish the moisture without overwhelming the skin, which will keep the sebum production to a minimum and help your skin function properly, to fight against any external factors.

3. Skin protection against moisture loss

As in any other skincare routine, creating a barrier to protect the skin and avoid moisture loss is also key, the difference is that when it is humid out, we will also want to go for lighter products than when it is dry out. Same concept of creating a barrier for moisture to stay in, but doing it with thinner textured products instead of heavier creams.Sticking to products that are not very thick, but still deeply nourishing, will allow your skin to retain moisture, without adding any heaviness to it, which is the key factor of this step. We want to create a barrier for moisture to stay in, but without being overly occlusive, in fact, interchanging occlusiveness factor for cooling properties. Cooling and refreshing products, will help keep the temperature of the skin on the right parameters, and therefore the sebum production under control, while also keeping the skin highly moisturized, while allowing the skin to breathe.In order to better follow this step my recommendation will be to use the [I'M FROM] Vitamin Tree Water Gel as the last step of the routine, this will provide enough nutrition, freshness and moisture, while still keeping lightness, to the spot. As for those days where your skin needs and extra pick me up, masks should be your ally. You can use masks filled with soothing and calming ingredients like the [KLAIRS] Midnight Blue Calming Sheet Mask, which will help your skin recover of all the external conditions and give it that extra boost.


If you get weak on the knees about DIY, you can always make your own calming and soothing masks out of good quality cotton pads such as [KLAIRS] Toner Mate 2 in 1 Cotton Pad, soaked in one of your favorite nourishing toners. Your face will be ready to glow after this step.Wishtrenders that was all for today, all the basics you need to know to choose the perfect Korean skincare for humid weather. Now that you have it all broken down, you just have to enjoy the weather and remember to stay hydrated, especially when in humid environments.

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