International Women's Day Edition: Meet Icaria, Mastermind Behind Dear, Klairs

by Wendy Kim on Mar 07, 2021

March 8th marks International Women’s Day and Wishtrend is here to celebrate this day of empowerment, this day of how us women continue to inspire one another in all aspects of life. To celebrate this day and this month, Wishtrend decided to share a story of the great mind and force behind one of the most loving brand on and all over the world, ‘Dear, Klairs’.  [caption id="attachment_635931" align="aligncenter" width="500"]international womans day cover Find Icaria on Instagram @icariaa[/caption] Icaria (Kim So Hyun), is the Chief Manager and is the mastermind behind the brand Dear, Klairs. All you know of Dear, Klairs from its storytelling and its brand identification have come to life with the sprinkle of fairy dust in the hands of Icaria.  Especially her latest project in the creation of ‘Klairs Seoul’, a 5 stories building high offline store of the brand Dear, Klairs located in the heart of Seoul is truly an inspiration and a story to tell. We will be sharing a whole new story on ‘Klairs Seoul’ so keep an eye, but until then make sure to check out the brand film of ‘Klairs Seoul’ right here Without further due, meet Icaria, the woman behind the beloved brand Dear, Klairs. We wanted to capture the story of the creation of the store ‘Klairs, Seoul’ and she engaged in the interview with the utmost passion and sincerity.  

Q1. Please share with us the most memorable moments during your project with Klairs, Seoul!

I remember, back when we first opened up the space in November last year, two of the Wishtrenders made a visit to the store. I remember them sharing with us the story of how they have come across ‘Klairs, Seoul’ through a video on Youtube and despite them being our loyal customers for years, they were excited to physically have the opportunity to meet their favorite brand offline. Hearing them be excited for the intimacy that the offline space have offered was exciting and rewarding.  icaria insert image  And yes, Klairs, Seoul opened in the middle of the pandemic and especially during a time when social distancing was strict here in korea. We opened up the space fully realizing that we won’t be able to attract a big group of people, especially global customers. However, watching Wishtrenders residing in Korea showing up for the support meant a lot and was heart touching.  

Q2. What are three words you would use to describe ‘Klairs, Seoul’?

Hmm, three words. I would have to say ‘experience, expansion and growth’. And I would love to break it down to you to explain why these three words.  klairs seoul 1 
  • Experience: 

Dear, Klairs have always aimed to meet global customers via both online and offline. Klairs, Seoul wanted to reduce the gap our customers and potential customers might experience regarding product tests and trials.  
  • Expansion: 

Dear, Klairs always valued experience and actively sought for ways to enhance the brand and product experience for our customers. Klairs, Seoul is closely collaborating with different brands such as the library entity to offer our customers to enjoy a mini library inside the store and walk away with not just skincare products but even books. Klairs Seoul also collaborated with a tea and dessert brand to offer our customers the experience of tea rooms for a soothing and healing feel. And I’m excited to see the limitless projects and collaborations.  
  1. Growth: 

I believe Klairs Seoul will become the hub where you can expect enhanced, expanded customer experience. I always believed in the mantra when it comes to the Dear, Klairs that just like us human, brands should also evolve and adapt to survive for a long run. And Klairs, Seoul is where we aim to grow together with our customers and to showcase our drive and growth. 

Q3. What are things that you can only find at ‘Klairs, Seoul’?

It will have to be the opportunity to have a full understanding of the brand Dear, Klairs. From the welcome tea session that we offer our visitors to the greens that fills up the nooks and corners of the space and the blend of the music playing on the background and the sound of the water flowing, there is no better way to get to know the brand with all five senses.  

Q4. For anyone who is first introduced to Dear, Klairs, how would you describe it?

This is how I always tell my friends, “Dear, Klairs is a skincare brand that will keep you company everyday for however long you want” 

Q5. Do you have your very own favorite from the brand?

The Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop! I have been a huge fan of this bottle of vitamin c even before I joined Wishcompany and work as the brand strategy manager for Dear, Klairs. Not too long after I first tried out the Vitamin Drop, everyone that I’ve met have left comments like “you are looking good!” “seems like you’ve been sleeping well and keeping it healthy”! I had to spread the word about this gentle vitamin c serum, started to hand the bottles out as gifts and the reviews were amazing 10 out of 10! I guess this naturally leads up to the story of how I’ve got to join the team in 2020, haha. Working for a brand that you are actually a huge fan of their product is a blessing.  

Q6. Please share us the most memorable moment in the year 2020!

Before Covid hit, I’ve made a short trip over to Japan early January of 2020. It was a short weekend trip and who would have thought that that would be the very last trip to this day. Throughout 2020, that trip to Japan has been lingering in my mind and been thinking about all the places and dishes I couldn’t fit in that trip! I was a huge fan of travelling and a lover for cultural experience in different parts of the world, and now that I can’t do what I enjoy, it is a constant struggle. Fingers crossed to the day that we will get to travel across borders without quarantine.  

Q7. When do you feel most empowered as a woman?

Always. I know this might sound a bit cliche. However, this is how I feel thanks to all the women I get to work with at Wishcompany and at Klairs, Seoul. Also this is what I always remind myself when I go about my day whether it is at a workplace or a non workplace setting.   When it comes to women empowerment, I’ve always believed that it is a force of feeling that derives through a combination of different forces aligned. First the attitude and the determination you have stepping into your workplace or any situation - and when these women meet together to push and pull and work with a mutual goal, the synergy of women empowerment and creation finally take place.   

Q8. Please share us the perks of working for a company with high women ratio

I’ve witnessed how women encourage and support one another here. Regardless of whether you are married or single, whether you have children or not, whether you are in your 20s just getting started with your career path or have been in the game for a while, there is a great ambience of work revolving around tasks and projects and a natural positivity of supporting one another. That is why here, no one is mistreated or discriminated against based out of gender and just because you are a woman. And I believe when we see more organizations with project focused work setting, more women will be able to step forward for more significant accomplishments.  

Q9. Any last words to everyone reading this piece?

About a decade ago, when I first stepped into the world of building a career, I was always in a desperate need of role models. I was actively searching for a woman figure who is actively building a career path of her own and experiencing empowerment through achievement in the workforce. Of course I’ve come across some amazing women who have accomplished a legacy through their effort and talent, however, it was hard to find someone in the industry and the career path that I was taking back then.  That is when I’ve promised myself to play the role for someone like me, who’s in need of a role model who can push and pull and empower them as a woman in the industry. And this promise and anticipation I have made and had back then, have really helped to keep calm and carry on! I’ve focused on preserving the determination and the diligence I’ve had and this not only helped me to pave my own but an inspiration for some. Keep your head in the game, stay positive and believe in yourself that you are living the day of woman empowerment and that you would one day be an inspiration to those just like you! 

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