Hyperpigmentation: Causes and How to Avoid It

by Bettina Miski on Jun 06, 2023

Hyperpigmentation: Causes and How to Avoid It

What Causes Hyperpigmentation?

Let's decode hyperpigmentation first. What is it? To put it simply, we call it hyperpigmentation when certain areas of your skin produce an excess of melanin — the pigment responsible for the color of your skin. So, you guessed it right, sun exposure is one of the main causes of hyperpigmentation. You’re getting nicely tanned because UV rays are stimulating your melanin production (as an act of protection against sun damage). And without proper care that can result in patches of discoloration (aka hyperpigmentation) in your skin.


Some other common causes might be hormonal changes including pregnancy or birth control. And skin trauma like acne, scars, or other past inflammation.

How To Avoid Hyperpigmentation?

Prevention is always key in skincare, and hyperpigmentation is no different. Here are some tips on how you can avoid hyperpigmentation, and how you can fade the ones you already have. Ready to say goodbye to your dull skin and welcome back your youthful brightness?

Sun Protection

A broad-spectrum sunscreen is your first line of defense against hyperpigmentation. Apply and re-apply it religiously, and don’t skip the often-neglected areas, like your décolletage, neck, and hands either.

sun protection

The Right Skincare Elements

Ingredients like vitamin C, vitamin E, and niacinamide are some of the power elements for bright skin. They even out the skin tone, fade dark spots and help smooth fine lines. Meanwhile, their combination also helps to strengthen your skin’s barrier. The Correcting Post Pigmentation Clearing Box has all these in one set, so you don’t have to look for the perfect routine. If you’re looking to improve pigmentation, and your skin’s complex and texture for brighter, stronger, deeply moisturized skin, look no further!

the right skincare

Keep Your Hands Away

The temptation is always there…but stop picking at your skin. Popping pimples, squeezing blackheads unprofessionally, or worse, picking on a scar can cause further inflammation that can lead to more permanent hyperpigmentation than if you let them fade away naturally or choose to heal them with spot treatments.

hands off

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