Finally, the Pimple Patch You Have Been Asking Wishtrend to Make!

by Gina Myung on Nov 16, 2018

On our last edition of ‘What’s New’, we talked about Jungle Botanics’ new release in more than a year - the Ecru Clay Soap, but for today, we have an equally as exciting product for you guys today. Say hello to the [By Wishtrend] Clear Skin Shield Patch.For those of you that suffer from acne, and are on the constant search for an easy and effective, yet painless remedy or your breakouts, this is for you. A soft hydrocolloid patch that you can take on-the-go, for clearer skin now. Read more for a deeper look at the new pimple patched from By Wishtrend!Finally, the Pimple Patch You Have Been Asking Wishtrend to Make! Insert Image 1

The By Wishtrend Story

By Wishtrend believes in beauty in effectiveness. Hoping to answer the many comments and concerns that flooded in from Wishtrend fans regarding their individual skincare concerns, By Wishtrend stood with the firm goal of answering such concerns by bringing the skin back to a healthy state through the continual development of specialized ingredients for each skin care concern.By Wishtrend is a brand created by you, for you. Their products are inspired by the plentiful feedback we continue to receive at Wishtrend, and the brand is driven by our desire to respond to each individual’s skin care concerns. By Wishtrend does not use any harmful ingredients or technologies, and eradicates the use of filler ingredients for the safety of the skin.You asked, we made it happenThroughout the years, we’ve received numerous requests for acne patches have come in from you, our customers. Through the insight we gained from your comments, emails, reviews and more, we were able to craft the perfect acne patch that satisfies what you guys wanted and needed. You guys asked for it, we made it happen. Clear Skin Shield Patch is thin and breathable, so that it’s comfortable on the skin so as not to be a nuisance when you’re wearing it. It also quickly absorbs impurities from problematic areas to get rid of painful inflammation, putting you on the path to clearer skin right away.

[BY WISHTREND] Clear Skin Shield Patch

In essence, the Clear Shield Patch is made from hydrocolloid to act as a physical barrier on the skin to protect it from external irritants such as water, dust, wind, and physical touch. Because it’s thin and breathable to naturally cover and quickly absorb impurities from problematic areas, your acne will be gone in no time. Just slap one on and get going.

Actual reviews from staffs at Wishtrend

"A must have staples for each and every vanity!"First off, not only our customers, but all of our staffs at Wishtrend were dying to create the perfect acne patch that will keep your acne or troubled skin feeling safe at all times! Love how there is a cut of line in between so that we don't have to struggle or damage the patch while peeling it off from the plastic band for use! But I guess the best part is how thin the patch is compared to other acne patches out there in the market!

- Scarlett, Contents Manager at Wishtrend

"If you want to prevent acne scarring, this is the way to do it"If you have acne prone skin, acne patch is something that you would always want to stock up on your vanity. Especially if you are a pro in removing whiteheads or troubles here and there, this is what you MUST have. The biggest reason for scarring and pigmentation is leaving the injured or irritated skin in contact with the air and external pollutants. A nice patch will only do you good and protect the extracted area safe and sealed. Love that this is so thin that it doesn't really show and love that it comes in two different sizes :)

- Eunice, Host at Wishtrend TV

"Say goodbye to acne scars with an additional item on By Wishtrend"When teca cream first launched, I was so excited to have something that I can help heal my acne wounds and calm troubled areas. However, I needed something more to help me protect post extracted areas without being irritated and ending up with a scar. And finally the patch arrived and I cannot be happier. As someone that never wears makeup, having something sticked onto my face can be uncomfortable, however, this is not only so thin & light but it is also barely visible. Love it and I'm excited to see this on our customer's vanity!

- DK, Producer at Wishtrend TV


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