Feel Lighter, Go Deeper, the New Klairs Fundamental Water Gel Cream

by Wendy Kim on Jun 15, 2020

Are you familiar with the ‘fundamental line’ from Dear Klairs? Among the different lines that Klairs offers, the fundamental line will probably be the line that will give you the most pleasant surprise. The line used to carry four different products which all came with very different textures. You can expect the unexpected with the fundamental line because, the moment you try them out you’ll notice that they won’t be your normal eye cream or face oil.  Fundamental line is out with a new item that will only enhance your skin hydration! The very first arrival from Klairs as we get into half a year of 2020 is a moisturizer in a jar, the Fundamental Water Gel Cream 

All Day, All Year, All Skin, Fundamental Water Gel Cream

Klairs Fundamental Gel Cream Insert image 1 The Klairs Fundamental Water Gel Cream

The texture: "feel lighter, go deeper"

 The Fundamental Water Gel Cream, there is a certain feel of texture you could imagine with the name of the product. It is a gel moisturizer yet with a less viscosity to it. (refer to the video below for the detailed shot of the texture). This gel cream was designed to offer those that are seeking a moisturizer that could fit into the skincare routine all year long, at any time of the day and for any skin condition. Thanks to the application of ‘Hydra Emulsification System’, the cream with a perfectly balanced texture met between gel and cream was born.  

The ingredients: "Powered with green tea -  hydrated, refined, & plumped"

 Klairs always keep their ingredients simple but effective. There are two main ingredients that are formulated in their new gel cream and combined with calming ingredients like centella asiatica and significant hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid, it makes it a daily moisturizer that can leave skin feeling fresh, hydrated and soothed.  

• 63.7% camellia sinensis leaf extract

  • ✓ skin calming effect
  • ✓ skin brightening effect 
  • ✓ effective antioxidant care
  • ✓ moisture retaining property

• Panthenol 

  • ✓ contains vitamin B5: skin hydrating effect
  • ✓ calms skin irritation 
  • ✓ delivers hydration to the deeper layer of the skin

The how to use: "Perfectly balanced skin met between gel & cream"


A. Use it as your daily moisturizer

Just like any other moisturizer, use it at the very last step of your skincare routine. Whether it be in the morning or at night and whether you have dry or oily skin, you can make the Fundamental Water Gel Cream your go-to daily moisturizer on days when you want lighter creams but still leaving skin deeply hydrated.  

B. Replace your emulsions or serums in summer

When summer hits and you are cutting down the amount of skin care products you put on your skin, consider replacing your serums or emulsions and even your moisturizer with the Fundamental Water Gel Cream. The texture that comes between gel and cream makes it the best of both worlds. Especially if you have oily skin, jump right into this gel cream after your toner step and it will leave skin with a fresh finish yet hydrate the layers of the skin. 

C. Add it before your normal moisturizer in winter

If you have dry and dehydrated skin, consider adding the Fundamental Water Gel Cream as the first step of your moisturizer routine, especially during winter times. At times when just one moisturizer is just not enough, this could be the one that could fit right into your hydration care routine. It is light enough and absorbs quick enough that it won't get in the way of your next step cream with thicker consistency. 


D. As a overnight sleeping mask

At times when you need an extra plump and a glow on your skin, going to bed with a sleeping mask is one way to do it. Try using the Fundamental Water Gel Cream as a sleeping pack and put a good amount all over the face right before you go to bed. Thanks to its light yet creamy texture that perfectly fits onto the skin, it will hydrate and nourish the skin all night without discomfort on the skin. Wishtrend Staffs Review 

Never have I ever seen such gel cream before!

I've never been a fan of gel type moisturizers but have always preferred thick and creamy moisturizers, thanks to my dehydrated skin. But at times when my skin turns sensitive, irritated or at humid days, it was hard to go about the day or go to bed with a layer of thick cream on my face. Then I got to try the Fundamental Water Gel Cream and it changed the stereotype I had about gel creams and now I am in love with it! It is somewhere between gel and a cream and not only it feels soft and fresh on the skin but still hydrates the skin as much as my ordinary moisturizers! I use it morning and night and it is by far the best daily moisturizer so far! – Wendy ***

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