Fastpass to Acne Cure, By Wishtrend Sulfur Gel Review

by Wendy Kim on Mar 06, 2020

Wishtrend invited Audrey Troell into the studio for Wish Beauy Lab's "The Most Honest Review" corner to get her the fastpass to acne cure, the By Wishtrend Sulfur 3% Clean Gel. She has been dealing with active acne for a while now and has been in the journey of finding the one acne treatment that will work effectively on her skin. This is a detailed review on her week experience with By Wishtrend Sulfur Gel and how it relieved her acne and improved her acne prone skin.

About my skin, 

Audrey has combination skin type, so the areas around the t-zone tended to be oilier while areas around the cheeks were dry. She even said some areas becomes dehydrated during winter and cold seasons. And just like everyone with combination skin does, she always struggled to find products that can please her skin overall. Finding products with good water and oil balance was her priority. However, as for Audrey, finding products were trickier since she struggled with active acne. Having combination skin and acne prone skin, it was hard to find a acne cure product that was effective yet won’t leave her skin feeling dry (because most acne cure products tend to be extremely drying on the skin)

Closer look at my skin

[caption id="attachment_153604" align="aligncenter" width="700"]by wishtrend sulfur review insert image1 Inflammed and active acne spotted especially around the jawline[/caption]Audrey had inflammed acne especially around her chin and jawline. When she first visited the studio, we spotted several pus formation under the pores and some spots were already pigmented and scarred.

First impression on the sulfur gel

“I was more used to the ingredient ‘tea tree oil’ - to cure acne. This ingredient did help me at times when I had acne and also struggled with dehydrated skin. However, when my skin feels irritated and heated, it seemed like tea tree oil didn’t do much to improve my acne. And even if did, the process of improvement took a while.” - Audrey

"The tube type makes it easy to travel and carry around"

“Unlike many other sulfur products, the tube type packaging which comes in a size that can fit into my daily makeup or skincare pouch, is good news so that I can pull it out whenever I need acne spot care.” 

"So, acne treatment can be light & hydrating"

[caption id="attachment_153606" align="aligncenter" width="700"]by wishtrend sulfur review insert image 2 Very light and gel like texture of the Sulfur 3% Clean Gel[/caption]One of Audrey’s favorite part of the sulfur gel was the texture! Unlike many other sulfur products out in the market, the By WIshtrend Sulfur Gel had a very moisturizer like texture making it easy to integrate it into any skincare routine. And thanks to the hydrating ingredients added into the sulfur gel, it doesn’t dry or burn the skin when applied but rather leaves a hydrating finish.

The 1 week review

We recommended Audrey to use the Sulfur 3% Clean Gel at the very last step of night skincare routine. We suggested to apply the sulfur gel specifically onto the spots where she can see pus formation. And to make this process easier,by wishtrend sulfur gel review insert image 3

Day 1 : "applied dots of sulfur gel onto active acne"

At the very last step of her night skincare routine, Audrey applied dots of sulfur gel using the cotton swab on active acne spots on her cheeks and jawline. Avoiding areas where it already turned into pigmentation, she specifically applied it onto the spots where pus was forming.

Day 3 : "spot less inflammation and less visible pus"

On this day, you could see less visible inflammation found around the chin and jawlines. (check in more detail in the video) Just like the first day, Audrey continued to apply the small amount of sulfur gel specifically onto active acne, yet controlling the amount to a smaller portion compared to the first night.

Day 6 : "no more acne bumps and even skin texture"

A lot of progress around the cheeks and jawline. Compared to day 1, the pus is no longer visible. The uneven skin texture due to acne has improved and inflammation has been controlled. 

The result, see for yourself

When Audrey returned to the studio after a week, even before we examined her skin with a microscopic camera, we were able to spot a huge difference on her skin, especially around the jawline. Less redness and less inflammed acne spots were spotted compared to the first day before she started using the Sulfur Gel.

"The best part is that you don't have to pop the pimples anymore!"

[caption id="attachment_153608" align="aligncenter" width="700"]by wishtrend sulfur review insert image 4 Less visible red spots and inflammation after 1 week of using the Sulfur 3% Clean Gel[/caption]Overall, the 3% sulfur and hydrating ingredients combined together, it helped cure active acne in just a week without leaving the skin dehydrated or irritated. The By Wishtrend Sulfur 3% Clean Gel is an effective emergency treatment to help prevent acne from turning severe and leaving scars or pigmentation on the skin.[caption id="attachment_153609" align="aligncenter" width="700"]by wishtrend sulfur review insert image 5 You can no longer spot a pus under the pores[/caption]

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