FAQ: [KLAIRS] Midnight Blue Calming Sheet Mask

by Gina Myung on Nov 23, 2018

Even if you haven’t heard about the 10-step-routine, or aren’t aware of the differences between a serum, essence and ampoule, you probably know what a sheet mask is. Sheet masks are probably one of the staples of Korean skincare. Coming in different sizes, colors, textures and materials, functions and properties, sheet masks are an innovative take on skincare that makes it simple and easy to do at home.FAQ [KLAIRS] Midnight Blue Calming Sheet Mask ThumbnailWhile their main function is to hydrate, there are many sheet masks on the market that have other functions as well. Some soothe, some cool, some reduce and control oiliness, some reduce inflammation of acne, and some like the Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Sheet Mask do it all.

[KLAIRS] Midnight Blue Calming Sheet Mask

The one product you need for soothing, hydrating, repairing care. (For more product details, check out this video)Midnight Blue Calming Sheet Mask Video Thumbnail


Since its release, the Midnight Blue Calming Sheet Mask continues to receive lots of attention for its unique sheet, innovative formula and effective results. To better help you decide if this is indeed the sheet mask for you, were gathered and answered some of the most commonly asked questions about this sheet mask, to provide you with a simple, comprehensive fact sheet about this great product.

Q1. What are the mask’s main ingredients?

A. This mask is created with a blend of ingredients to make it the ultimate solution for dry, overheated skin that is prone to acne and other troubles. Cooling agents work to lower the skin’s temperature, tea tree leaf oil controls blackhead and oil production, while BHA gives sebum and pore care to the skin.

Q2. How should I store the mask?

A. Make sure the masks are stored in a cool, shaded place without too much exposure to sunlight or warm temperatures. While this is optional, we recommend you store the masks in the fridge so that it cools the skin down, and further soothes the skin.

Q3. What skin type is the mask best suited for?

A. This sheet mask is a great product for all skin types due to its all-around hydrating, soothing nature.

Q4. What is the main function of this mask?

A. The mask delivers light, comfortable hydration to the skin, making it perfect for oily skin. It also contains ingredients that soothe, as well as repair the skin's barrier, making it perfect for acne prone skin.

Q5. Can I use this mask before putting on makeup?

A. Yes! Its light, fresh and moisturizing finish makes it easy to layer makeup above it to give your skin a naturally shiny, glowy look.

Q6. How long and how often can I use this mask?

A. We recommend you take the mask off after the recommended 15 to 20 minutes. While the ingredients are safe for the skin, leaving on any sheet mask for prolonged periods of time can actually work against the skin, making it more dry.

Q7. What should I do with remaining essence left in the bag?

A. Having a bit of essence remaining in the bag after using the sheet mask is normal. Don’t let it go to waste! Depending on what you prefer, you can choose to save the essence in an empty bottle, and use it as you would a serum, or make DIY sheet masks at home using cotton pads. You can also use the essence on your body for softer, supple skin.

Q8. The sheet is different than other masks. Why is it black?

A. The special thing about this sheet mask is that its functionality is contained not only in the essence, but also the sheet itself. Made from a soft and plush rayon sheet, bamboo and charcoal powder is added to keep the skin balanced and hydrated.

Q9. Does the mask leave a sticky residue?

A. While it may feel sticky for a short amount of time after the mask has been freshly removed, one great thing about the essence contained in the mask is that it absorbs well with a bit of time, for a hydrated, glowy feel.

Q10. What skincare products should I use before and after the mask?

A. Before applying the sheet mask, make sure that you’ve thoroughly and properly cleansed your face. After patting your skin dry, immediately apply the sheet mask. After you’ve had it on for an adequate amount of time, depending on if your skin is on the more dry or oily side, we recommend you follow up with your favorite toner, serum and/ or moisturizer.

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