FAQ: Klairs Fundamental Line, You Asked, Our CS Team Answered

by wishtrend on Jul 28, 2020

All your most frequently asked questions on the Klairs Fundamental line answered with the help of Wishtrend’s CS team. Whether you are still wondering to try out the 'fundamental' line or if you've had questions on the ingredients, the texture and the tips to maximize the use of the products from the line, this will be a guide for you to enhance your experience with some of the products from the Klairs Fundamental line If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate and ask away via  

Klairs Fundamental Line

Klairs Fundamental Line Insert Image 1  ▶ To learn about the latest addition to the Klairs Fundamental Line: Feel Lighter, Go Deeper, the New Klairs Fundamental Water Gel Cream 

Q. I heard that you can find the most unexpected texture of skincare products from the Klairs 'fundamental line'. How are they different and please explain the details of each product?

 "Well balanced with different texture". This is what defines the Fundamental Line from Klairs. The outstanding difference you'll notice with this line will be that it comes in a texture that breaks the stereotype of texture among different categories of products. For instance:   Fundamental Ampule Mist: will have a richer consistency that almost feels like an ampoule in a bottle of mist making it a great one especially for those with dry skin. Also for anyone who enjoys using mist on a daily basis, it will be a great mist to carry around even during winter seasons to keep skin hydrated throughout the day. • Fundamental Watery Oil Drop: comes with a very light watery texture despite it being an oil drop. Unlike oil serums out there, it doesn't leave skin feeling oily or greasy after use but leaves skin with a light layer of hydration It will do the job that your ordinary oil serums do within the layers of the skin, yet leave skin feeling comfortable and fresh unlike the thick oil serums out there. It is designed so that even oily skin with dehydrated skin could resort to with ease. • Fundamental Eye Awakening Gel: is designed for under eye care starters or for those with oily or sensitive skin who is in need of under eye care but had a hard time finding an eye cream product that feels light and soothing on the skin. If we didn't tell you that it is an eye cream, you wouldn't have known that it is an eye cream. And thanks to its consistency and texture, a majority of our customers even applies it all over the face. • Fundamental Nourishing Eye Butter: will be another unexpected eye cream designed for those who are seeking for a more elastic wrap of eye care around the eyes. It comes in a more buttery consistency than the Eye Awakening Gel but unlike other butter type moisturizers you've tried, it dissolves and seeps into the skin much faster and easily. • Fundamental Water Gel Creamis the latest addition to the 'fundamental line' and with that you can find all the steps of skincare after cleansing. Just like the name implies, the Water Gel Cream is a moisturizer that is somewhere between watery cream and gel type cream. 'Velvety' texture with a touch of hydration is probably the best way to describe the texture of the Fundamental Water Gel Cream.Klairs Fundamental Line Insert Image 2 


Q. Why is it called the 'fundamental line'? 

 Think of it as the line from Klairs that can satisfy your most fundamental skincare needs. Since one of the most critical fundamental care that skin needs 24/7 is 'hydration', all the products from the Fundamental Line, regardless of the category, are 'hydrating'. Whether it is the ampoule or the eye cream, if you are looking for hydration along the way, consider the 'fundamental line'.  

Q. Does the Klairs Fundamental Ampule Mist and the Fundamental Water Gel Cream contain fermented ingredients?

 To answer the question first, NO. We've received this question especially for the Fundamental Ampule Mist because it contains the Oryza Sativa (Rice) Extract. However, it is not a fermented ingredient, so for those of you who are concerned to have fermented ingredients on the skin!  

Q. I can't choose between the two different eye creams from the 'fundamental line', which one do you recommend?

 If you are wondering which fundamental eye cream you should reach out for, refer to the two different reads below to see which will benefit your skin more effectively.  ▶ Read the full comparison of the Klairs Fundamental Line's eye cream duo▶ Read the full in-depth review of the Klairs Fundamental eye cream  

Q. I am very new to the ingredient 'caffeine' for our skin. How does caffeine in the Klairs Fundamental Eye Care Duo help our skin and our skin around the eyes?

 Under eye cream with caffeine is known to reduce redness, puffiness around the eyes and reduce the appearance of inflammation. As a significant antioxidant ingredient, it is known to help with soothing skin fatigueness. Make sure to refer to the detailed information of the ingredient 'caffeine' from the video below.

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