Fall & Winter Korean Skincare Trends 2020: Ingredients, Cleansing & LED

by Hailei Kim on Oct 15, 2020

Keeping up with the trend does not only apply to the world of fashion. K-beauty is one of the fastest evolving industries that always keeps you on the edge of your seat, wanting more and wanting what’s new. Stay refreshed and updated with these newest trends in Korean skincare. You don’t want to miss out on this F/W 2020 trend. 

F/W Trending Keyword #1. #Healing #MagicBerry

Korean Skincare Trend Insert Image 1Healing is definitely the number one trending keyword in Korean skincare this season. Korean autumn and winter are super dry and your skin is exposed to more damage as you naturally lose moisture during these dry seasons. So healing in Korean fall and winter is always a twofold process: moisturize and revitalize.

The Magic in Centella Asiatica!

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 Centella Asiatic is not a newly discovered ingredient. You’ve already heard about the magic of the little brown bottle that brings wonders to your damaged skin. The secret is not in the bottle but in Centella Asiatica! K-beauty is obsessed with this Centella Asiatica (or you might also know it as the “cica-” creams) to repair damaged skin. Packed with amino acid, this magical ingredient revitalizes and heals your skin by creating a rich moisture barrier. 

The Secret is in the Tradition -- Sea Buckthorn Extract

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 Asian culture has been using sea buckthorn oil for thousands of years. The reason why sea buckthorn is loved for so many years is not only because of its lovely, tangy taste but also due to its anti-aging qualities. This magic berry itself works as an antioxidant that prevents your skin from aging and its extract contains vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids. Sea buckthorn is also great for autumn and winter because it usually comes in oil-based products that allow quick absorption without leaving your skin feeling dry.

Trending Keyword #2.  #SmartSkincare #SkincareScience

Korean Skincare Trend Insert Image 2Asian skincare secret is not all about the past with their long history and culture -- it is in the future. Behind the flawless porcelain skin, the Korean skincare trend has shifted towards science and technology. 

Smart is the New Skincare

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 Smart devices are really starting to dominate a huge market in the K-beauty industry. From galvanic exfoliators to LED masks, no one has to spend hundreds of dollars every week at an aesthetic clinic--they can just do it at home. With the technology that boosts the efficacy and the speed of your skincare ingredients, you’re only falling behind if you aren't keeping up with the trend and staying smart.

Pimple Patch, Small but Strong Scientific Invention

Pimple patches have evolved over time with K-beauty. If you have not stocked up on pimple patches for your acne, this autumn is the time to do so! You might be suspicious of what these little patches can do and wonder whether they can actually improve your skin. By putting on the pimple patch, you can not only physically block bacterial infection but also speed up the healing process. After putting on the pimple patch, you will notice that the center of the transparent patch, slowly filling up with gooey residue. This is actually a visible proof of how your acne is discharging pus and pimple patch absorbing up the ooze. By sucking up the pus, the pimple patch allows your skin to heal without the infection aggravating your skin. 

Trending Keyword #3. #AcneFree #DoubleCleansing

Korean Skincare Trend Insert Image 3You are in trouble if you think your acne hibernates during winter. Summer is not the only season for sudden acne breakouts. Autumn and winter are actually a season that you need to stay alert for breakout and purging due to the dramatic change in the humidity. When humidity drops, your skin is exposed to unexpected dehydration, which could result in inflammation and irritation. So here are some tips for you regardless of whether you have acne-prone skin or dry skin.

Fight Acne With Mugwort

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 You may have already familiarized yourself with a variety of techniques and ingredients for acne treatment but might want to consider switching to Mugwort this F/W season! Mugwort, along with many other anti-bacterial and antifungal skincare ingredients, is great for preventing acne. What makes mugwort especially the ingredient for you this fall and winter is its excellent anti-inflammatory qualities that work great for sensitive, dry skin. It soothes and smooths your skin and alleviates redness or any other skin sensitivities. 

Double Cleansing, It Is Worth the Hassle

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 Proper cleansing is a simple but effective technique to keep your skin clean and sanitary to prevent unnecessary breakouts. Double cleansing, as the name already points out, means cleansing twice. Double cleansing usually requires two steps using two different types of cleansers: oil-based and water-based cleansers. The reason for having a regimen with a combination of two different cleansers is because they each perform a distinct role in cleansing your skin. By using oil-based cleansers first, you can remove your makeup spotlessly, at the same time, allow the cleanser to reach deep into your pores. The second process involves the traditional foaming cleanser or micellar water to effectively get rid of all the residual substances without inducing excessive sebum production. 

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