Escape the Cakey Makeup Trap: Secrets to a smooth-looking base

by Claudia Christin on Apr 14, 2024

Are you tired of struggling with cakey makeup that leaves your complexion looking anything but natural? You're not alone. Achieving a flawless base without that dreaded cakey residue can seem like an elusive goal, but fear not! In this article, we're here to spill the beans on how to escape the cakey makeup trap and unlock the secrets to a natural-looking base.

But first, SKINCARE! Yes, the secret to a flawless non-cakey base makeup is a great skin preparation as the canvas. However, it does not only require a great skin preparation right before (or even a long way of care even when you don’t plan on using makeup) you apply your makeup, but also how to maintain that makeup throughout the day. We summarized the most important steps you need to take to escape cakey base makeup!

Some tips you can incorporate to prepare the perfect skin canvas for your makeup:

 1. Proper cleansing & exfoliating

A clean and healthy skin gives off the greatest canvas for makeup. If you do not maintain well cleansing and exfoliating in your skincare routine, your skin won’t be a good canvas as it should be.

When you do not exfoliate regularly, build up of dead skin cells could make your makeup look cakey and flakey. When you do not cleanse your skin properly, any residue on your face can clog your pores and prevent layers of skin preparation before makeup from properly soaking into the skin. This will eventually emphasize texture and dry patches on your makeup.

 2. Deep moisturization

Makeup needs something to grip on when they are sitting on your face. Your makeup will look dry and cakey when your skin is dry. To avoid this, you can prep your skin by using a hydrating toner, moisturizing serum or moisturizing cream before you apply makeup so it can hold on longer on your skin. Remember that our skin is unique and each skin has different needs so make sure to only use the products that your skin needs. Oilier skin types might only need some hydrating toner and moisturizing lightweight serum while drier skin types might need a thicker moisturizing serum and still need a moisturizing cream.

Extra tips: It is also important to pay attention to the sequence of applying any hydrating or moisturizing products and letting it absorb (or set) on your skin properly. Always start with the most lightweight consistency and give it time to fully absorb before moving on to the next product.

3. Apply non-sticky, sebum-controlling SPF

While some may say you do not need to apply sunscreen before using makeup during the day due to the SPF number labeled on your makeup product,it is absolutely incorrect. The truth is, it is not enough to protect your skin from UV rays, especially when you consider that you only apply a smaller amount of makeup product compared to a sunscreen product. You would not want your skin to be exposed to the sun without proper protection, not only for makeup but most importantly, your health!

Seek for a non-sticky and sebum controlling SPF to use underneath your makeup so it can protect your skin from UV Rays while still being a good part of the skin prep for your makeup. If you have tried many sunscreens available out there but they’re too greasy and still haven’t found the best match for you, you can try using a sun stick! Some sun sticks offer a matte finish that works wonders as a primer.

Make sure to use 3-4 swipes on each area so you can get the best protection out of it!

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