Don't Just Drink Hibiscus! Let the Skin Enjoy the Skin Benefits of Hibiscus

by Wendy Kim on Sep 16, 2019

Who doesn't like Hibiscus?Whenever summer hits and you look around, it’s easy to spot people carrying around pretty pink Hibiscus drinks around. Being one of the most beloved summer drink ingredient, Hibiscus is not so much of a stranger to many of us.But! Did you know that Hibiscus is not just a pretty colored flower served in fresh pink tea but also a significant skincare ingredient?Among the skincaer gurus, Hibiscus, is often reffered to as the 'botox plant'. There must be a reason why it has gained a reputation as a 'botox plant'. And guess what, this is just only one way to describe Hibiscus regarding its several skin benefits!

3 Major Skin Benefits of Hibiscus

A very exciting news for Hibiscus lovers! By Wishtrend just welcomed' a very light Hibiscus cream that will not just serve as a daily moisturizer but to help control sebum and gentle exfoliation to transform dull oily skin to fresh and clear skin!skin-benefits-of-hibiscus-insert-image-1

1. Exfoliation

Hibiscus contains natural acid ingredients such as AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid), AKA (Alpha Keto Acid), and BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acid). AHA, AKA and BHA helps remove dead skin cells from the skin but also they helps boost the effect of other acids such as AHA and PHA. So when Hibiscus is comined with other gentle exfoliants, it really effectively exfoliates the skin and helsp control sebum.

2. Anti-Aging

Hibiscus is known to be rich in anti-oxidants. But not only that, it is known to help heal skin damages caused by UV rays, external pollutants and etc. When applied on the skin periodically, it will help deliver anti-oxidant and protect the skin against free radical damages, diminishing signs of skin aging, wrinkles and spots.

3. Cleansing

Hibiscus contain natural surfactants called Saponins which is known to cleanse the skin in a natural way withouth any harsh irritation. The natural saponins and organic acids found in Hibiscus not only helps cleanse skin but also like mentioned above, helps with exfoliation.

3 Major Skin Benefits of Hibiscus

The [By Wishtrend] Acid-Duo Hibiscus 63 Cream is the second product from the 'Acid-Duo' line from By Wishtrend. Just like the [By Wishtrend] Acid-Duo 2% Mild Gel Cleanser, the new Hibiscus 63 Cream is consisted of LHA and PHA which are two significant gentle exfoliants. Being the second product from the line, it will serve as a effective yet gentle exfoliator and deliver all the skin benefits of Hibiscus mentioned above.The Acid-Duo Hibiscus Cream is a light cream type exfoliant that you may use on a daily basis. It consists of LHA and PHA which has exceptional exfoliating capabilities but are known to be less irritating and perfect for sensitive skin. It not only improves clogged pores and sebum, but it can also help minimize pigmentation and help with a dull complexion. As the main ingredient, it consists of 63% Hibiscus Flower Extract that are rich in antioxidants and help support the effectiveness of LHA and PHA.

Actual reviews from staffs at Wishtrend

"Noticed a difference in the skin's texture the next day"First of all, love that it is a cream with a very light texture with a hydrating finish. It feels like I can even layer this Hibiscus 63 Cream with another moisturizer because of how light it is. I went to bed after application and I've noticed that my skin's texture was more smooth and clear. I think this would be a great cream especially for those who dpesn't exjoy exfoliation because it will do twp at once! Exfoliation & hydration! - Alex, Brand Manager at Wishtrender"My makeup goes on better than before!"After testing out the product for a period of time, I've noticed a difference in sebum level on specific areas like around the nose, chin and forehead. I focusd application especially on the areas where I struggle with sebum and oil level and the result was satisfying and I've noticed a difference whenever I applied base makeup. - Joy, Producer at Wishtrender

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