Don't Forget, Your Skin Always Deserves Good Cotton Pads!

by Lorena Jimenez on May 13, 2019

Your Skin Always Deserves Good Cotton Pads! Insert Image 11. Texture & Qualities:The [Klairs] Toner Mate 2-in-1 Cotton Pad is not just another cotton pad. It is a carefully curated box that contains a mix of two useful types of cotton pads that will be a great tool to add to your skincare routine.One of them a compressed cotton pad, made out of 100% cotton. That will be "great for any skin type and especially sensitive ones". Compressed 5 times and designed to be a perfect complement to maximize the effects of the Klairs toner, this cotton pad will help you apply toner, swipe away impurities and slightly exfoliate the skin, all through minimal irritation.The second team member of this lovely duo is the sponge pad. An uncommon design if compared to the average beauty pads that you might find out there. But specifically designed to increase skin hydration and decrease the waste of toner on the day to day.[caption id="attachment_20875" align="aligncenter" width="850"] left: compressed / right: sponge[/caption]Its structure allows the product to dampen the pad in a similar way in which a sponge would do. Getting soaked on those part where product is applied in order to minimize the product waste that occurs when cotton pads are absorb too much product.

2. Ingredients:

The [Klairs] Toner Mate 2-in-1 Cotton Pad doesn't necessarily need to have a run through on its ingredients since it is not really a cosmetic, but a tool, but it is still important to go through the materials that these pads are made of.The compressed cotton pads are made out 100% certified pure cotton compressed 5 times through a waterjet process. While the sponge pad is made of a mix of hydro condensated air laid pulp fabric and rayon blend, which creates a hybrid in between a pad and a sponge.

3. How to use:

The compressed cotton pad is to be used as any of your regular cotton pads by "slightly" swiping it across your face when dampened in toner. It is a perfect cotton pad to help you remove stubborn makeup and reduce the usage of both cotton pads and toner since being compressed 5 times, it does not only have quite a strong structure that helps you remove your makeup and adding toner to your skin without breaking down, but it will also reduce the quantity of product that you need to apply.Your Skin Always Deserves Good Cotton Pads! Insert Image 3Even though the sponge pad’s texture might not be as soft as you might have initially expected from the average cotton pad. The sponge pad is still a product great to use even in sensitive skin types. That will add hydration with minimal irritation.Recommended though that instead of using swiping motions, you would use this product on a patting motion to help add more hydration and cool down irritated skin at the same time.

4. Smart Tips:

Yes, the Mate 2-in-1 Cotton Pad is a cotton pad, but there are plenty of other smart ways to take advantage of its benefits:1) DIY MaskThe Mate 2-in-1 Cotton pads are super popular among Wishtrenders not only as a tool to apply toner but also as the perfect compliment for your DIY mask. Due to their texture, material and 5 layers of compression, they have the perfect consistency for a homemade sheet mask.Recipe: pour a little bit of your Klairs toner in a flat recipient add a couple of drops of your blue activating drop or peptide serum of your choice. Mix well and soak your pads on the mixture.Now you can apply all over your face, or on those special areas that might be needing the extra care. Under the eyes, the apple of the cheeks and forehead.Your Skin Always Deserves Good Cotton Pads! Insert Image 42) Makeupless on the goWe seem to always be on the go, traveling, commuting, meeting people here and there. We seem to have no time and therefore practicality is always a golden weapon.If you might need to remove your makeup through the day and you don't want to carry a humongous bottle of product or if you are traveling and you need the extra space, make your own makeup removing wipes that are easy to make and use but also great for the skin.In a small ziplock bag pour some of your favorite makeup remover add some pads and close it. Put in your bag or suitcase and voila, worry-free makeup remover for you.Your Skin Always Deserves Good Cotton Pads! Insert Image 54. Real reviews:“SURPRISINGLY WORTH IT " At first when I bought this because I had some extra cash.I had no thought of repurchasing this item.But once I ran out of this product I started to panic. I tried to use other product that where similar but it just didn’t seem to work the same. I honestly feel like there is a difference in texture and the amount of product that actually goes on my skin vs the cotton pad(if that makes any sense). One problem I had with this product is that at first I opened the package from the top of the opening rather the middle and I was only using one of the cotton pads.(more of user error then anything but for a first time user I was confused by the fact that the label said it contains 2 cotton pads and I only could see one anyways I talk to much I finally figure out that each cotton pad was on either side so sponge on the right and the cotton pad on left) Anyways love this product wish it was a bit cheaper but I will repurchase this item!!!- Bianca S******"ADDS AN EXTRA OOMPH TO YOUR ROUTINE" There are two types of pads that come with this, I wasn’t sure if it was worth the time to use both but after using it for a couple weeks I can say it totally is! One is an exfoliating pad which you can soak in the Klairs toner to exfoliate dead skin and get rid of any remaining product on your face. The other is a sponge pad to pat the toner into your face. If you have money to spare give this a shot! - Fay Z********"SO HANDY" This pads are great, you waist so much toner with other cotton pads, but with this ypur toner will last longer, and ypu have 2 types so you can choose depending on your need that day. - Lorena P*****

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