Does Ferulic Acid Serum Really Fade Acne Scars? See How it Really Did!

by Audrey Troell on Jul 22, 2020

Wishtrend invited Audrey Troell into the studio for Wish Beauty Lab’s “The Most Honest Review” corner to get her the fastpass to cure acne, the By Wishtrend Pure Vitamin C 15% with Ferulic Acid. She has been dealing with acne pigmentation and discoloration here and there. This is a detailed review on her 2 weeks experience with the Ferulic Acid Serum and how it improved her overall skin condition and pigmentation. ferulic acid serum insert image 1

About my skin, 

I have struggled with active acne until I had the chance to review the By Wishtrend Sulfur 3% Clean Gel with Wish Beauty Lab. The sulfur gel helped calm and cure active inflammatory acne and it was when I discovered the item that will help me get through the first phase of active acne. However, the next challenge I was faced with was the ‘scars’ and ‘pigmentation’. I definitely noticed dark spots around the areas where I used to have active acne.ferulic acid insert image 2 Audrey's skin condition before using the By Wishtrend Ferulic Acid Serum

First Impression 

I have used Vitamin C serums in the past and I have a fear that it leaves my skin with a stinging and a burning sensation. When I first tested it out on my arms, I was relieved to know that it didn’t leave any disturbing sensation. ▶ Read the full comparison between the 21.5% vs 15% vitamin c serum from By Wishtrend

"The non-sticky & fast-absorbing texture was a plus"

I really enjoyed how it was not sticky nor greasy.It comes in a very watery texture making it easy to apply it on the overall areas of my skin. Unlike other vitamin c serums that I have tried in the past, it didn’t leave skin feeling sticky which enhanced the overall experience. I must say that my favorite part when it comes to texture was that it absorbs into the skin easily and quickly. Not much skin patting is required and since my skin can get sensitive when I rub or pat my skin excessively, it was definitely a plus for my skin. 

How I used it for a week

I tried to keep the identical skincare routine each morning and night time to make sure I test out the effect of the Pure Vitamin C 15% with Ferulic Acid. I added the Ferulic Acid Serum and the Vitamin E Cream that is suppose to maximize the effect of vitamin c. Items that I paired it with By Wishtrend Vitamin 75 Maximizing Cream Klairs Soft Airy UV EssenceBy Wishtrend Sulfur 3% Clean Gel

I only used the ferulic acid serum at night,

• Night routine:

Medicube Red Toner → By Wishtrend Pure Vitamin C 15% with Ferulic AcidBy Wishtrend Vitamin 75 Maximizing Cream → Atopalm Real Barrier Cream → By Wishtrend Sulfur 3% Clean Gelferulic acid insert image 3I only added the Pure Vitamin C 15% with Ferulic Acid into my night time routine. Vitamin C serums are usually recommended to be used at night or used a very small amount in the day time. I tried to use it every other day rather than every skingle day. Even though the serum passed the irritation test for sensitive skin, vitamin c is generally recommended to be used 2-3 times a week at most. After applying the first step toner, I went straight into applying the Pure Vitamin C 15% with Ferulic Acid! I applied 3-4 drops of the ferulic acid all over the skin and focused mainly on areas where I had acne spots and pigmentation. I waited a couple of minutes (2-3 minutes) before I moved onto the moisturizer step. I used the Vitamin 75 Maximizing Cream packed with Vitamin E (hippophae rhamnoides water) since it helps maximize the absorption of Vitamin C deeper into the skin. 

How I did my skincare in the morning,

• Morning routine:

Medicube Red Toner → Medicube Red Serum  → By Wishtrend Vitamin 75 Maximizing CreamKlairs Soft Airy UV Essence

ferulic acid serum insert image 4

I left the Pure Vitamin C 15% with Ferulic Acid out of my routine for the day time routine but focused on adding antioxidant & hydration (and of course a good layer of sun protection). I Ferulic acid care at night paired with vitamin e moisturizer equals magic. I was surprised how the skin turned out brighter and more glowing in the morning after I applied the Ferulic Acid the night before. I kept the morning routine simple but I made sure to follow two rules: moisturize with a vitamin e cream and wear sunscreen. I repeated this step for 2 weeks and I am confident that this new morning routine that I followed maximized the effect of the By Wishtrend Ferulic Acid. ferulic acid insert image 4 I repeated the morning & night routine for 2 weeks and it definitely maximized the effect of ferulic acid.

The result, see for yourself

"I noticed the difference with my bare eyes" 

I was astonished as days passed by with the Pure Vitamin C 15% with Ferulic Acid. Especially, I had a obviously visible pigmented spot around my cheeks and after 2 weeks with the ferulic acid serum, I noticed that the discolroation was improved. What I really appreciated throughout this experience was that the ferulic acid serum not only faded acne spots and pigmentation but it also added a nice glow onto my skin. And when I returend to Wishtrend's studio and finally took a closer look of my skin with the microscope, I was relieved and excited to see how much my skin tone and red scars have improved. ferulic acid insert image 6ferulic acid insert image 7▶ Watch the full version of The Most Honest 2 Week Review | [BY WISHTREND] Pure Vitamin C 15% with Ferulic Acid 
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