Do & Don't for Sensitive Skin in A Skin Care Routine

by Wendy Kim on Feb 19, 2018

How do we know if we have sensitive skin or not? If you have sensitive skin, it's hard to not notice some of the signs and reactions that your skin shows when you are out in the sun for a period of time or when testing out new products.Watch the full video about "5 Basic Skincare Rules for Sensitive Skin | Do & Don't"skin care routine insert image 1We definitely know when we have sensitive skin. Sensitive skin is not something you are born with but is rather a condition acquired due to external or habitual factors. So it's best not to sensitize your skin but it's hard not to when we encounter so many different circumstances. But what we must take more cautious is what to do and what not to do when we have sensitive skin because depending on how you treat your skin, you will either make it chronic or keep it under your control and make it a temporary condition of the skin. So first see if you have sensitive skin now with some of the tests in the video and take notes on some of the do and don'ts when you have sensitive skin in the order of the skin care routine!

Some of our recommendations for sensitive skin in the order of skin care routine

Here are some of the products that appeared in the video that will work great when you have sensitive skin

1. Cleansing: Wash face with foaming cleansers

Do & Don't for Sensitive Skin in A Skin Care Routine Article Insert 1- Name: [KLAIRS] Rich Moist Foaming Cleanser- Why recommended for sensitive skin care routine?: Lesser the stimulation the better! Since it pumps out in foam type, you don't have to roll your fingers harshly on the skin to create foams to clenase your face. But more than anything, the cleanser keeps your skin moist even after cleansing thanks to some amazing ingredients.

2. Toner: Lesser the fragrance!

Do & Don't for Sensitive Skin in A Skin Care Routine Article Insert 2- Name: [KLAIRS] Supple Preparation Facial Toner- Why recommended for sensitive skin care routine?: The smallest amount of natural essential oil is added to the toner to add just the hint of lavendar scnet! So most of the people don't have any problem at all using it but it you have extremely sensitive skin, your skin will react to it. But don't worry! Beacuse we have unscented version coming out very soon! All the ingredients will be exactly the same but this time, zero essential oil will be included! So good news for those with extremely sensitive skin!

3. Exfoliation: Don't rub it off but melt away dead skin cells!

Do & Don't for Sensitive Skin in A Skin Care Routine Article Insert 3- Name: [BY WISHTREND] Mandelic Acid 5% Skin Prep Water- Why recommended for sensitive skin care routine?: When you have sensitive skin, exfoliation will be the toughest out of all the skin care routine. Avoid, physical exfoliants like scrubs and peels but rather stick to chemical exfoliants like AHA. This mandelic water will help melt away dead skin cells and help you with skin turnover without irritation. All you have to do is gently wipe away with a cotton pad.

4. Sunscreen: Thin & light but effective!

skin care routine insert image 5- Name: [KLAIRS] Mid Day Blue Sun Lotion- Why recommended for sensitive skin care routine? One of the reasons why it's loved so much among those with sensitive skin is because of the ingredients. The guaiazulene ingredient will help to calm the skin. When a sunscreen not only protects your skin from the UV rays but has light and cooling texture but even calms irritated skin? This is the type of sunscreen that you would want to reach out for if you have sensitive skin.

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