Dear, Klairs Gentle Black (Deep vs Fresh) Cleansing Oil Comparison Review

by Claudia Christin on Oct 11, 2020

  Dear, Klairs just added a new product to their Gentle Black Cleansing Oil line. While the “DEEP Cleansing oil” has been a well-loved product for years now as a first-step cleanser to remove makeup and any impurities, they listened to their customer’s feedback and recently launched the “FRESH Cleansing Oil” for a lighter and fresh cleansing oil that is much needed these days.   While they both look pretty similar from the outside, they are quite different in terms of formulation and provide a whole different cleansing experience. Let’s take a deeper look at what are their main differences and which one will suit you best.  

1. Deep VS Fresh Cleansing Oil Ingredients

The ingredients of these cleansing oils are entirely different with a different type of main vegetable-based oil. While both oil blends in DEEP and FRESH cleansing oil are packed with rich in antioxidant plant-based oil, they have a different composition of fatty acids that give them their unique texture.   Deep cleansing oil main plant oils are the jojoba seed oil that is rich in Eicosenoic acid (73.4%) and Soybean oil that have a pretty balanced mixture of linoleic and oleic fatty acid content that is very nourishing and that provides that cushiony rich feel that is great for all skin type. This cleansing oil has a sweet fragrance (non-allergenic) scent to it. The scent is very subtle and therapeutic. However, if you have had any bad or negative reaction to fragrance you may want to keep this in mind.


Gentle Black Deep Cleansing Oil


  Fresh cleansing oil main blend is the sunflower and grapeseed oil that is rich in Linoleic acid or Omega-6 (> 50%) that gives them that light and smooth feel making them a great option for oily/blemished skin type. On top of that, Fresh Cleansing Oil has no fragrance and has a much more simplified blend of ingredients and emulsifiers. 


Gentle Black Fresh Cleansing Oil



2. Deep VS Fresh Cleansing Oil Texture and Performance

As soon as the cleansing oil touches your skin, you can definitely feel the differences. Although both glides and provides a perfect slip for an oil-cleanser without stinging the eye area, the Deep Cleansing Oil has more body to it and feels more cushiony and rich on the skin. Meanwhile, the Fresh Cleansing Oil feels thinner, water-like, and super light.    To compare these two cleansing oil performances, I did a small test on how it removes both base makeup and waterproof makeup products from matte lipstick, eyeliner, and mascara (top-bottom). The Deep Cleansing Oil performs really well on even removing the water-proof mascara and lipstick while the Fresh Cleansing Oil doesn’t really excel on removing water-proof lipstick, it emulsifies much easier by turning into a light milky texture that rinses off effortlessly. Both of them leave a very smooth and moisturizing without that filmy finish.  

3. Deep VS Fresh Cleansing Oil Recommendation

I do think both cleansers are unique and can be used on different occasions. The Deep Cleansing Oil performs much better in removing heavy duty makeup or even water-proof products. If you are wearing waterproof mascara or makeup on a daily basis and you want that one-cleanser that can remove it in one go, the Deep Cleansing Oil will get you covered so that you can skip any special product for eye/lip makeup remover. While on days when you use light makeup, the Fresh Cleansing Oil will provide that lighter and fresher oil cleansing experience that will make sure that you have removed all the excess dirt and grime from your skin. It also emulsifies super effortlessly and doesn’t leave any filmy residue. If you are someone who lives in hot and humid weather and always finds the richness of an oil bothersome, you would want to give this one a try!   As someone with an oily-combination skin that doesn’t use makeup daily, the Fresh Cleansing Oil is the winner and a better fit for me. Even better, I am very impressed by how fast and easy it is to emulsify to a milky texture that rinses off in no time. (Psst.. oil cleanser that doesn’t rinse well and leave that greasy film on top of my skin is such a big turned off for me)  Which one do you think is a better fit for you? There’s no absolute right and wrong with skincare products and you just have to pick one that fits your personal preferences and lifestyle better than the others. You can also get them in pairs and switch them over based on your current skin condition on that particular day! ☺  

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