Dear, Klairs Cleansing Oil Comes in Two, How to Pick the One for You for Daily Cleansing

by Wendy Kim on Sep 17, 2020

If you've been following Wishtrend and Dear, Klairs, you would be well aware that a new cleansing oil is in town! Dear, Klairs recently launched the 'fresh' version of the original Gentle Black Deep Cleansing Oil. And if you've been actively using the original cleansing oil for a while now, you'll probably be very much used to the texture and the way it feels on the skin of the original 'deep cleansing oil'. But, there's a reason why Dear, Klairs designed a whole new bottle of cleansing oil. Cleansing-Oil-Comparison-Insert-Image And let's dive a little deeper into how these two bottles of cleansing oil are different so that you could leave today's read with a better idea on which one to reach out for your daily cleansing routine! ▶︎Learn more about cleansing oil with 'Myths & Truths About Cleansing Oil & Oil Cleansing'


First thing, not all cleansing oils are the same!

Cleansing oil is no stranger when it comes to our daily cleansing routine and let me tell you, 'not all cleansing oils are the same'! Different cleansing oil is consisted of different ingredients, carries different consistency and emulsifies differently when met with water. Even though cleansing oil only stay on our skin for just few minutes and soon be rinsed off with water, having the habit of choosing the right one for you carefully is what makes the difference when it comes to healthier skin.  

Battle of the Best: Dear, Klairs Cleansing Oil Full Comparison

The difference between the two cleansing oil from Dear, Klairs is not just restricted to the color of the bottles. Once you pump out the cleansing oil, you'll instantly notice the difference when it touches the palms of your hands. The Gentle Black Fresh Cleansing Oil will feel lighter in terms of weight compared to the original Gentle Black Deep Cleansing Oil. There's a reason why the new cleansing oil is named 'fresh'! So, starting with the difference in consistency and weight of the cleansing oil itself, it makes sense to be curated according to different skin types and skin conditions. But note this, both will get the job done when it comes to cleansing.   Cleansing-Oil-Comparison-Image 

Gentle Black Deep Cleansing Oil: for deep pore cleansing & makeup removal

The original cleansing oil is made with the combination of natural oil renown to be effective in oil control and skin soothing. 'Sesame oil' is an effective antioxidant ingredient while the 'black currant seed oil' is rich in minerals and vitamins. It comes in a cushiony and nourishing consistency and carries more weight when rubbed on the skin. However, this is what makes it to effectively remove residues, excessive sebum and to deeply cleanse pores and melt away blackheads. For maximum results, try pairing it with cleansing puff or a sponge (or cleansing brushes) at times when your skin is in need of deep pore cleansing and oil control.  


✓if you have dehydrated and flaky skin✓for winter times and dry season✓if you want effective makeup removal (including eyes and lips makeup)✓if you want to pair it with exfoliating scrubs for deep pore cleansing✓if you use a pore cleansing brush or a cleansing puff  

Gentle Black Fresh Cleansing Oil: for fresh cleansing & easy emulsification

It's not just the texture of this cleansing oil that is fresh. The ingredient list of the Gentle Black Fresh Cleansing Oil is fresh and lighter than ever. It's only consisted of 6 simple oil ingredients that is nourishing and known to be beneficial on the skin. With simple and gentle ingredients such as sunflower seed oil and grape seed oil, it makes it a cleansing oil with a fresh and hydrating finish on the skin. It is also rich in Vitamin A,B, C and contains strong antioxidant properties as it effectively cleanses the skin.  


✓if you have combination and oily skin ✓for summer times and humid days ✓if you wear less makeup (or only until sunscreen step) ✓if you want effective but gentle sebum control✓if you prefer cleansing without cleansing tools (cleansing brush or puff) ✓if you prefer fragrant-free everything    

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