Ceramides in Skincare: Overlooked or Overhyped?

by Claudia Christin on Feb 14, 2023

ceramides in skincare

If you are talking about skin barrier, we can’t miss this one ingredient: Ceramide

It has recently gained its popularity parallel with the rise of awareness in maintaining skin barrier. Let’s dive in deeper on the role of ceramides in our skin and whether if this ingredient deserves all the hype it gets! 

what is ceramide

What is it:

Ceramide is one of the most important lipids components in our skin to keep the skin hydrated. It is known as a skin-identical ingredient (which mean it already exist in our body) that makes up over half of our skin’s epidermis composition. There are different types of ceramides, and Ceramide 1, 3, 6 are the most important one.  

what does ceramide does

What it Does:

Acts as part of the skin’s barrier (the glue/mortar of the bricks) to limit moisture loss and protect against visible damage from pollution and environmental stressors. It is one of the well-aging powerhouse. 

benefits of ceramide

Benefits of Ceramide:

  • Filling in, smoothen & soften surface of the skin

  • Makes your skin feel softer and smoother

  • Reinforce skin’s barrier to retain moisture while locking in hydration: makes your skin feel a lot more hydrated and plump

  • Improve visible signs of aging

  • Protect against environmental damage

Ceramides and other ingredients

Can You Combine Ceramides With Other Ingredients?


This one ingredient is safe to combine with other ingredients and best used with other potentially irritating one to minimize chances of compromised skin barrier.

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