By Wishtrend Shopping Guide 2020: Skincare from Wishtrend to You

by Wendy Kim on Jul 03, 2020

It is July and it has been a tough year for all of us. We’ve been in distance, we were both mentally and physically exhausted with this pandemic and we lived in a sense of fear and welcomed ‘wearing masks in public’ as a new norm. Here at Wishtrend, as we are entering the later half of 2020, wanted to start it off with an exciting news. For those who continue to be the customers at Wishtrend, who endeavors to care for skin, and for those who decided to take this time at home to take a better and healthier care for the skin. 2020 By Wishtrend Brand Week is here and it will be the time that you can have a great introduction or have a better look into the ‘skincare from Wishtrend’. 

‘Skincare from Wishtrend, By Wishtrend’. 

By Wishtrend is a skincare brand with high functionality, which began by paying attention to skin concerns around the world from 500,000 customers on, a global E-commerce. We focus on excluding harmful ingredients and formulating synergistic and effective ingredients in order to develop skincare products with actual, satisfactory results.”Just by reading the names of the products from By Wishtrend, you’ll instantly have a clear idea on what active ingredients they carry and the skincare benefits you can expect when added into your routine. However, follow this guide through so that you can save time finding the solution to your skincare questions. 

The Complete By Wishtrend Shopping Guide (2020 version) 

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Acid-duo Line : If you are looking for gentle exfoliation

Acid-Duo is created by introducing LHA (Capryloyl Salicylic Acid), which melts the sebum within the pore, to PHA (Gluconolactone), an exfoliant less irritating than AHA with its bigger molecules. If you were looking for a soft exfoliator for daily use, experience By Wishtrend’s Acid-Duo line. You can find a cleanser and a moisturizer within this line and whether used together or separately, you can expect gentle exfoliation. 

Recommended if...

✓ you are looking for a gentle exfoliation✓ you are a fan of LHA and PHA ✓ you find AHA a little irritating on the skin ✓ you fond gel cleansers for your cleansing routine ✓ you have oily and sensitive skinFind the Acid-duo Line as a Set at Wishtrend

Vitamin Line : If you need high-potent vitamin c care

The vitamin line focuses on maximizing the strength vitamin has to energize the skin.While we formulate highly concentrated vitamins with synergetic ingredients, we simultaneously consider how to stabilize the product for maximized comfort. The two iconic, ‘Pure Vitamin C 21.5% Advanced Serum,’ and ‘Vitamin 75 Maximizing Cream,’ have high rates of repurchase in multiple countries. And with the latest arrival in Vitamin line, the Pure Vitamin C 15% with Ferulic Acid, it now covers those with sensitive skin who struggled with the 21.5% version. The latest arrival Pure Vitamin C 15% with Ferulic Acid

Recommended if…

✓ you have acne prone skin✓ you are concerned with pigmentation and acne spots✓ you have dull skin ✓ you are looking for an effective antioxidant skincare✓ you are looking for high potent vitamin c care ✓ you are familiar with exfoliating with vitamin cFind the full Vitamin C + E skincare routine at Wishtrend

Propolis Line : If you have acne prone 'sensitive' skin

One of the ingredient that By Wishtrend turned their eyes to was 'propolis'. Thanks to it's anti-inflammatory, and antioxidizing effects, it is well known as the golden ingredient for acne-prone skin. You can expect skin be soothed be ddeply hydrated with a glow with the Polyphenols in Propolis 15% Ampoule,’ proved to be 3.6 times more antioxidizing than blueberries. 

Recommended if…

✓ you have acne prone skin ✓ you are looking for anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial care ✓ you have dehydrated skin ✓ you are familiar with propolis as an active ingredientFind the lighter version of the propolis ampoule at Wishtrend

Sulfur Gel & a Patch : for Before and After Acne Care

How to treat, cure and heal acne is always a big concern for Wishtrend. Through actively searching for the ignredient that can actually cure and speed up the treating process, By Wishtrend found 'sulfur'. (← read in detail about the ingredient). It is designed to be used at times when you see a pus formation under the pores or have inflammed acne. It will speed up the treatment process overnight. And it only makes sense for By Wishtrend to carry an acne patch to help you with post-acne care and to prevent acne scars and pigmentation. 
  1. 1. Before & Active Acne Care: Sulfur 3% Clean Gel

Recommended if…

✓ you see a pus formation under the pores✓ you have inflammed acne ✓ you have excessively oily areas on parts of your face ✓ you are have oily acne prone skin

2. Post Acne Care: Clear Skin Shield Patch

Recommended if…

✓ you popped a pimple ✓ you have wounds on your skin ✓ you have irritated and inflammed acne
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