Black Sugar Exfoliator Helped with My Blackheads & Pores

by Lorena Jimenez on Jan 06, 2019


1. Texture & Qualities

The [Klairs] Gentle Black Sugar Facial Polish is a manual exfoliator that will help your skin to become that healthy and smooth canvas that you always wanted. It does not only help exfoliate the skin effectively but also mildly with minimal stress towards the skin. An exfoliator that will not only help you achieve brighter and smoother skin through the process of exfoliation itself but also through the different good ingredients that are part of its formulation. As we mentioned the Black Sugar Polish is a manual exfoliator that contains grains of black sugar as the active exfoliating agent for its formula. But the mix of ingredients provides a very soft and almost buttery texture that will glide across the face easily, to prevent any possible friction.  

2. Ingredients

If you check the product details, you can see that the Black Sugar Polish has not only exfoliating properties but also moisturizing and smoothing properties, very beneficial in our quest for soft and healthy looking skin. The facial polish helps exfoliate the skin manually but it also has the help of a few great ingredients that provide very beneficial effects to the skin. - Black Sugar- Cranberry Seed Oil- Shea Butter- Vitamin A&E Black sugar does not only provide exfoliation manually but also chemically, being black sugar a natural source of glycolic acid. In addition, black sugar brings a great range of minerals like potassium, iron or calcium to the skin. But at the same time, all of the other ingredients are great moisturizers that help minimize skin dryness and irritation, improving skin regeneration and brightness on the skin.  

3. How to Use

The Black Sugar Polish is to be used as any other manual exfoliator. I know many people might be reluctant to use manual exfoliators, but since the size of the sugar grains on the facial polish are very carefully selected to make its texture suited for any skin types, irritation using this product will be minimal. Still slightly damping your skin will make the process more enjoyable and the product work with even less friction towards the skin.  We are talking about an exfoliating step right here, so of course, it should be done after cleansing for optimal results. My advice will be to cleanse the face with a mild cleanser, remove any excess water with the hands after rinsing it, and then proceed to apply a pea size amount to the skin, and exfoliate in upper circular motions. You can use the Facial Polish once to twice a week for best results.  

4. Smart Tips

The Black Sugar Polish is a great facial exfoliator, but has also many other multiple uses.  

1) Lip Scrub

Lips can get dry easily, especially during the cold winter months. If you want to keep them healthy and moisturized, do not forget to exfoliate them, which you can of course do using the Black Sugar Polish, since it is mild enough to not damage even the sensitive skin f our lips. Exfoliate through soft and circular motions when you exfoliate your face or on those days when they might need that extra pick me up. Do not forget to follow up with a lip moisturizer, lip oil or lip mask to keep your lips hydrated and plump after exfoliation. That way you will have soft and smooth velvet like lips all year around, even on the harshest and coldest winter months.  

2) Clear out those Stubborn Blackheads

Do you know about all those lovely areas filled with blackheads that seem to never go away? Of course you must know… sadly most of us do :( But a way to take extra care of those areas with the Black Sugar Polish is to use it right before we use detoxing masks, bubble masks, blackhead packs or the detoxing product of our choice. Massaging the sugar scrub on those difficult areas right before using our target treatment will help melt away the excess sebum and dead skin cells to make sure those products reach further helping us get rid of all those stubborn impurities.  

3) At home Spa

Now that it is winter, there is another part of our body that suffers greatly due to the extreme cold, our hands. Hands get extremely dry, patchy and even at times even develop eczema or skin tearing due to the extreme cold and the constant change in temperatures.So let me give you one extra tip to help you out during this cold and dry months. * Don´t worry even if you live in a warmer climate, you can also use the Black Sugar Polish as a pick me up, to make your hands even more beautiful. Mix a scoop of the sugar scrub with half a teaspoon of rosehip oil, almond oil, coconut oil or any hydrating and repairing oil of your choice and massage your hands, playing extra attention to the cuticle area. Rinse off with lukewarm water and put a small amount of moisturizer. Now you can enjoy your soft, deeply hydrated, lovely looking and great smelling hands.  

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