Best Product for Sensitive Skin that Eunice Loves!

by Wendy Kim on Jun 29, 2018

Welcome to another episode of #wishtrender on 'Glam Black’ Today we invited a very special member of Wishcompany and Wishtrend TV. Not only you’ll get to find out some of the list of beauty products and skincare products that saved her skin but also a first hand experience stories of why it has become their holy grail items! Plus! You’ll get to pick up some beauty and skincare tips shared by our #wishtrenders! So here it goes!Best Product for Sensitive Skin that Eunice Loves Article Insert 1

#wishtrender of this month: Eunice Cho

Wendy- Q. Please introduce yourself to our readers!Eunice- A. Hi guys! It's Eunice and many of you will know me as the main host of Wishtrend TV (and also Euniunni on my personal channel!). I've been hosting beauty and skincare contents on Wishtrend TV for about 5 years now and am working as the member of Contens & Media team at Wishcompany. Among our skincare lovers, I'm well known to have sensitive acne prone skin type, and that is why I can relate so much with our friends and viewers who are having a hard time with acne and sensitive skin! Excited to share some tips and products with you all!Wendy- Q. What is the best part about working at Wishcompany?Eunice- A. That is such a great question but also a tricky one because the list goes on and on! Free skincare products that I get to try on a daily basis! No, I'm kidding...No actually not kidding! Haha! I'm really grateful that Wishcompany gives out 10 products each month so that the staffs can test out the products! One of the best part about being a part of Wishcompany is that we have such an amazing team and members. I am in love with each and every single member that I work with and their passion about creating this wonderful brand and contents that the world can enjoy is truly inspiring. And as someone who is madly in love with skincare, beauty and being in front of a camera, what more can I ask for?Wendy- Q. Tell us a memorable experience as a host of a beauty and skincare channel with more than 600,000 subscribers?Eunice- A. Oh there are so much! Hosting on Wishtrend for about 5 years now, and the journey throughout the way has been more than beautiful. Not only that I had the wonderful opportunity to learn and study so much about beauty and skincare, having the chance to communicate with our viewers from all around the world, I have learned so much. I guess the most memorable experience as a host were the times when I visited Malaysia and Vietnam to actually meet our subscribers and followers in person. There are so much love and it was the opportunity for me to promise myself to be a host, a creator who can not only represent skincare and beauty but also Korea to the world.Wendy- Q. Now share us 5 Wishtrend products that you can’t live without!Eunice- A. It was really hard to just pick 5 items out of so many! But I'm really excited to share the top 5 best products for sensitive skin or those with acne prone skin will fall in love with!

Best Product for Sensitive Skin that Eunice Loves Article Insert 2

#1. [KLAIRS] Midnight Blue Calming Cream

Best Product for Sensitive Skin that Eunice Loves Article Insert 3- Why? I must say. I LOVE IT! It's actually my favorite cream in the whole wide world! If you have sensitive skin like myself, it is hard to not fall in love with this magical blue cream. This not only calms my skin fast but once I slather a nice layer before going to bed, the next morning, it brings back my sensitive and irritated skin into a healthy condition overnight. What's so great about this cream is that I find zero problem with applying it regardless of what skin condition I have. I mean, look at the color, it feels like just by looking at it, it calms and cools down my skin.- Any tips for this item? Like I said, no matter what the skin condition is, you can definitely use this cream as a moisturizer. But one of my favorite way to use this cream is applying a very thick layer all over my skin (or specifically onto sensitive areas) after exfoliation.

#2. [KLAIRS] Supple Preparation All Over Lotion

Best Product for Sensitive Skin that Eunice Loves Article Insert 4- Why? Talking about summer! This is one of my favorite during summer times! Like the name implies, this is a moisturizer that you can apply all over your body from face all the way down to your feet (you can even apply it on the tip of your dry hair). What I love so much about this since it arrived on Wishtrend, is that it hydrates my skin instantly right after I apply it on my body without leaving my skin feeling sticky or uncomfortable. I don't really enjoy using body lotion products with crazy scents but this has no scent! It's so mild and absorbs so nicely into my skin. Love, love, love.- Any tips for this item? Of course I love it applying it all over my body but, I love to use it on my face as a DIY night cream mask. I love putting thick layer all over my face at the very last step of my night time skincare routine and then I leave it on throughout the night or I wipe it away after a few minutes. This just hydrates my skin from deep within and one of many tips to keep my skin glowing!

#3. [BY WISHTREND] Mandelic Acid 5% Skin Prep Water

Best Product for Sensitive Skin that Eunice Loves Article Insert 5- Why? I remember that this was one of Scarlett's favorite item on the first episode of #WISHTRENDER! This is actually a fave of many staffs. It is such a great exfoliator that is also super mild! As a acne prone sensitive skin type, finding a exfoliator that is gentle is so tough! But this changed the whole game. It really helped improve my skin condition by preventing acne and whiteheads. It is by far the best AHA product I've used so far.- Any tips for this item? I make my own spot mask with this and it works wonders! I soak 3-4 cotton pads with mandelic acid and I attach it over my inflammatory acne areas for a few minutes. Mandelic acid ingredient really helps to calm inflammatory acne so whenever I use it a night before, the next day my skin is clear and calmed down.

#4. [I'M FROM] Honey Mask

Best Product for Sensitive Skin that Eunice Loves Article Insert 6- Why? Holy Grail it is! I must say that even after one single use, it transforms my skin into this very soft and healthy skin! The effect it gives my skin is beyond wonderful. It deeply hydrates my skin while removing dead skin cells and the best part? It calms inflammation on my skin! Just even a small amount goes a long way! I just hope that it comes in a smaller package so that I can carry it around with me whenever I travel! I love it.- Any tips for this item? I use it around 2 times a week. I love using this mask as itself but I sometimes mix this mask with other wash off masks or cream products according to different skin condtiion. Whenever I want to give pore care or blackheads care, I mix this with the Volcanic mask! Since I have sensitive skin, I find it hard to use Volcanic mask on its own but when I mix it with the honey mask, it makes it so much smoother and less irritating!

#5. [I'M FROM] Ginseng Serum

Best Product for Sensitive Skin that Eunice Loves Article Insert 7- Why? Where do I start... If you are a subscriber to my personal channel Euniunni, you will know my love towards this serum. If you are someone who's not used to using a serum in your routine this would be the best item to get friendly with a serum! It has the perfect texture for the skin too feel at ease. And like the name, the scent has a note of ginseng but doesn't bother at all. If you are not familar with ginseng, think of it as a calming oriental herbal scent. It smells expensive, haha. I love that it deeply hydrates my skin and keeps my skin in a good condition. Ginseng is known to have great anti-aging effect so as someone who is really interested in anti-aging and well-aging skincare, this definitely is a holy grail item on my vanity!Wendy- Q. Share us your skincare & beauty tips that you never forget!Eunice- A. There 3 skincare rules that I always tell my friends or my followers who are just new to the whole skincare world. First, exfoliate 1-2 times a week! This is a must if you want to stay away from skin troubles and concerns! Seriously, this simple step prevents acne, pores from enlarging, blackheads, whiteheads, and so much more! Second, never forget to remove eye makeup! I always make sure to use a lip and eye remover to remove all my eye makeup. If you don't take your eye makeup off well, this will actually darken your under eyes and we never want that! Third, if you find a skincare item that fits your skin, stick to it! For those of you with sensitive skin like myself, it is so important to find the right item that does not irritate our skin. I know you would want to explore so many other products but if you have found the one that works for you, it's not too bad to stick to the item to keep your skin healty and strong.Wendy- Q. Any last comments to our readers?Eunice- A. I had so much fun sharing my faves and tips throughout this interview! I just want to say that if any of these tips have helped you in any way, my work is done! Thank you for all the love and support that you always give me, our team and Wishtrend TV. I really want to say that even though I always talk labout skincare which is a part of our appearence, I truly believe that being beautiful on the inside is as much as, no even so much more important than endeavoring to find beauty on the outside. You guys are all beautiful and always have confidence! God bless you!

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