Acne Emergency Duo! Patch for Acne is a Must with Teca Cream!

by Wendy Kim on Mar 04, 2019

Fighting acne is annoying as heck, trust me I have been there in the past. But what's even more annoying is, many of you will relate to this, acne scars and pigmentation. While acne hurts and needs cautious care, acne scars follows us around for a long period of time and is hard to get rid of once it's on.There are a few tricks of the trade to take into consideration when fighting against big pimples, especially if you also have sensitive skin!

Clear skin shield patch review

When fighting pimples,or caring the areas after poppnig a pimple, we often opt for tough ointments and pimple cream that tend to “burn” the pimple away, yet this is not the best approach for someone with sensitive acne prone skin to try. One type of product I have loved for years is the use of hydrocolloid patches!

“Hydrocolloid what?”

Sounds weird right? Hydrocolloid patches are similar to that of small bandaids, this “material” was traditionally used in hospitals on wounds that were exuding excessive puss. Finally, someone was clever enough to make the same patches, but instead for use on acne!

My personal experience

I have been using these types of pimple patches for years now and I for one can attest to the fact that these patches do indeed work wonders! I recently stocked up on the By Wishtrend Clear Skin Shield Patches to test and try out in the odd occasion that I do get a big nasty pimple on my face.

How to use

For me, I found the best way to use these patches is not to simply apply them on top of any pimple, but instead over top of freshly popped pimples. After safely and cleanly popping the pimple, I would then clean the pimple with alcohol to properly sanitize, then apply a fresh pimple patch right on top then leave it on overnight.When I’d wake up in the morning, the pimple would be flat and all the puss would be collected in the patch!

“They simple work wonders!”

They not only collect pus and bacteria from the pimple spot, but they also protect the open pimple from any new bacteria, allowing the skin to heal!Unfortunately, my skin has been rather clear of acne these past few months so in turn, I have no example to provide. Granted, I can with confidence say that after using pimple patches for a few years, they really do work wonders!

Teca 1% barrier cream to heal skin?

On another personal level, one thing that is very important when curing acne is to remember to heal your skin. For that, it's important to incorporate skincare products into your acne fighting routine that also heal damaged skin.

“Okay… so what should I use?”

This skin healing cream is my ultimate favorite for healing damaged skin. This is officially my 3rd refill of it and it has yet to fail me! But of course, let’s take a quick peek at the ingredients that make it work for me.

Ingredients & texture

There are 3 ingredients within this product that may cause some clogged pore in rare cases. However, it is important to note that all skin healing ingredients can have a small chance of doing so. This of course does not mean this product will in fact give you acne.

“It has never broken me out!”

In regards to the actual feeling of this product on the skin, this cream is rather interesting. It has a texture that feels like a makeup primer, gliding on smoothly over the skin without feeling very moisturizing or hydrating. Which kind of makes sense as this product is simply a skin recovery cream.

Overall opinion

The fact alone that this is my 3rd refill of the By Wishtrend Teca 1% Barrier Cream speaks for itself. It’s not only amazing for keeping my skin from getting rashy when irritated, safe from dry cracks in the winter, but it also keeps my skin soothes from the sun and heat in the summer season! To top it off, because of its mild formula, it's great for use on oily skin and dry skin as it neither adds oils or intensive hydration to the skin.

“It simply adds skin repairing!”


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