A Holistic Approach to Skin Aging

by Claudia Christin on May 13, 2022

Aging gracefully is not equal to anti-aging. It is about living your best life and having the physical (body and skin) and mental health to enjoy it. You get better with age, just like fine wine, so does your mind and body, including your skin. We believe that well-aging is more than what we put in our skincare routine. There are multi-dimensional factors that should be taken into account for well-aging. Let’s unveil some lifestyle changes to age gracefully. 
By Wishtrend

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Regular exercise significantly lowers the risk of chronic disease, but it is also beneficial for your skin. It improves blood circulation including providing sufficient nutrients supply to your skin. Have you ever noticed that healthy flushing on your skin after you exercise?

Well-balanced Diet

Dietary factors and nutritional intake may influence skin aging. A diet that is rich in antioxidants, fruit, vegetables, and healthy fat may delay aging signs. Limiting alcohol and sugar intake can also reduce the appearance of wrinkles on your skin. You don’t have to restrict yourself from consuming a specific type of food, but you can always have them in moderation. Remember that balance is key.

Emotional Well-being

Have you noticed skin dullness and also increased sensitivity when exams or deadlines are coming? Stress may exacerbate skin aging (no direct evidence), and reduce skin barrier function. Thus, take some time to do what you love. Spend time with your family and friends and do whatever brings you joy!

Quit Smoking

I don’t think this requires any further explanation. Smoking is not only bad for your lungs but may cause premature skin aging.

Consistent Skincare Routine

Choosing skincare products that prevent or target signs of aging is one step, but using them consistently is just as important. You can’t expect instant results from your skincare routine. Remember that skincare is a long-term investment for your skin.

Tips on how to build a well-aging skincare routine:


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