4 Key Rules on How to Make Hands Soft and Beautiful

by bb on Aug 06, 2018

*If you want to see details of the product or shop the featured item straight from the article while reading it, click onto the image of the product or the name of the product. You can also check out the products in the featured product section below :)One of the most neglected self care routine is that of our hands and feet. Not only can we be preoccupied with our skincare routine for our faces, but when it comes down to time and commitment, it’s easy to become lazy with maintaining our skins condition on our hands and feet. Not to worry though, we have a few simple steps on how to make hands soft and beautiful without regular visits to your local mani and pedi salon.4 Key Rules on How to Make Hands Soft and Beautiful Article Insert 1

#1 Protect your hands!

One of the biggest and easiest lifestyle change out can make for the greatest answer to how to make hands soft and beautiful is to protect your hands when doing regular chores. For example, doing the dishes! Washing the dishes with dish soap not only gets the dishes squeaky clean, but also your hands. Dish soap is very harsh on oils which not only breakdown oil and grease on your dishes, but it also breaks down the natural oils in your skin. When it comes to external daily factors that can speed up our skins aging, washing the dishes without hand protection is one of the most underrated factors that goes ignored. So head on over to your local dollar store and grab yourself a cute pair of dishwashing gloves, that is out number one tip on how to make hands soft and beautiful.

#2 Use SPF on your hands daily!

Not only does the sun's harsh rays speed up the skin's aging on our faces, but it has the exact same effect on our hands, feet and entire body as well! Just like our faces, the hands are exposed to the sun the exact same amount (unless you wear gloves daily), making them just as prone to earlier signs of aging if not protected daily. To answer the questions on “how to make hands soft and beautiful”, always make sure you apply some spf to your hands as well before going out for the day. There are plenty of SPF’s on the market that are designed to be used on the hands and body without leaving a oily, moisturizing or heavy feeling, but instead a soft dry effect, making them ideal for use on the hands as to not make everything you touch feel moisturized or oily.

#3 Exfoliate regularly

When it comes to making our hands softer, it’s also important we exfoliate away the dead skin cells regularly. Our hands are subjected to everything we do which makes the skin drier faster, resulting in more build-up of dead skin cells. Just like the skin on our faces, it’s important that we exfoliate the skin on our bodies as well so ensure your skin can breathe, glow, and become its healthiest. This rules also strongly applies to your feet as they can be even more so neglected than our hands! The feet are even more susceptible to dead skin cell build up, calluses, peeling skin and dry skin flakes. Making it important that you exfoliate your feet at least once a week to keep the dead skin and calluses under control. For the hands and those with sensitive skin, we recommend using a natural exfoliant such as the Jungle Botanics Natural Body Glow Nutshell Scrub that will scrub away dead skin cells while adding a light moisturizing and nourishing layer at the same time, both leaving your hands smooth and moisturized.4 Key Rules on How to Make Hands Soft and Beautiful Article Insert 2For the feet, the skin can be much more tough and hard, making dead skin cell removal a little more tedious. If you have a thick layer of callused skin or a significant build-up of dead skin cells, you can try an at home foot peel by soaking your feet in lemon juice. The concentration of citric acid in 100% pure lemon juice will head to soften the calluses and thick dead skin cell layers, encouraging a natural peeling effect. However, this method can be harsh on the skin and is only recommended for those with calluses and hard skin. For those with dead skin cell build up only, you can use the same exfoliation method as used on the hands to to create softer and smoother feet.

#4 Nourish and Moisturizing Daily!

As we use our hands and feet so every aspect of life, the ideal of applying moisturizing can seem tedious and annoying at times as we do not want the items we touch to be covered in moisturizing. But this is the one answer to “how to make hands soft and beautiful” that you really should never be skipping out on. Just like our faces, our hands and feet need almost the same level of moisture and care as these are the areas where our skin experiences the most movement and exposure to external aggressors. So, just like your skincare routine, you could create a “skincare routine for hands”. Of course, this routine does not need to be as comprehensive as your facial routine, however the concepts should be similar. Just like you would for your face, every morning and night you should be using cream on your hands and feet to ensure you slow down the signs of aging and can achieve softer and more beautiful hands and feet.For an easy at home way to treat your hands and feet with the right care, we recommend using a small amount of coconut oil morning and night. Coconut oil is especially rich in omega fatty acids and nourishing factors that work to deeply moisturize, plump and repair the skin. Making it the ideal oil to use on the hands and feet to make them softer. The only downside is that coconut oil can take some time to absorb and can leave an oily layer over the skin. This can become annoying for those who might not have the free-time to sit and wait for the oil to fully absorb. In this case, we recommend using a nourishing lightweight lotion such as the Klairs Supple Preparation All-Over Lotion on the hands that absorbs quickly and contains light anti-aging ingredients that will make the hands and feet more soft and beautiful.4 Key Rules on How to Make Hands Soft and Beautiful Article Insert 3- Try it: Klairs Supple Preparation All-Over LotionWhen we think of how to make hands soft and beautiful, it’s easiest to instantly think of heading straight to your local nail salon for a quick pampering, but easiest and most cost effective way is to start by treating your hands and feet with proper care at home and in your daily life. So before to jump to the salon, take a look at what your daily routine is like for your hands and feel, as it might be the cause of your dull looking skin.

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