3 Face Mist Recommendation for Different Skin Types

by bb on Feb 08, 2018

Hi loves! It's Bronwyn from BiiBiiBeauty here today to share some insight on what exactly a face mist is and some quick reasons as to why we all need to start including one in our daily skincare routine. With winter upon most of us in the world, our skin naturally becomes more dry, producing fewer oils and retaining less hydration due to drying and cooler climates. Well my friends, that is where face mist comes into play!3 Face Mist Recommendation for Different Skin Types Article Insert 1

What is a face mist?

There are many different face mist types on the market these days. The first face mist types were that of pure clarified glacial water from the french alps. These face mists were from brands such as Evian, Avene and Laroche Posay. However, these face mists where just that, water and nothing more. They simply were used as a very gentle form of toner to literally cool the skin after cleansing or in the hot summer. Aiding in calming the skin thanks to the natural cooling effect of condensed water. Since then, many brands have expanded to create face mist's that contain gentle, light and effective skincare for all skin types and needs! From simple face mist of just glacial water, to glacial water with rose extract, to toning water with witch hazel and other essential oils, and even skincare based face mist! Best of all, you can use them throughout the day over top of makeup!

Choosing a face mist

So which type of face mist is the right one for you? The answer comes from what skin type you have an what your number one skin concern is. If you have normal skin that feels hot at times, then choose a glacial water mist or a rose water face mist might be your right choice. If you have oily skin, then using a witch hazel toner mist might be your best bet. If you have drier more sensitive skin, then choosing a Korean skincare face mist might be the answer to your skin needs.

1) Hydrating & Anti-Aging Mist

If your skin is dehydrated, feeling tight and needs a little boost with anti-aging, then this mist might be the right choice for your skin! This mist contains simple yet effective ingredients that focus on hydrating the skin thanks to mineral water & hyaluronic acid all while providing gentle any aging care thanks to Galactomyces. The bonus, it contains no harsh chemicals, alcohol or fragrances that could lead to unnecessary irritation!3 Face Mist Recommendation for Different Skin Types Article Insert 2TRY IT: [COSRX] Galactomyces Alcohol-Free Toner Mist

2) Oily Skin & Acne Prone Mist

We all know the struggle with acne and oily skin can be a real pain, but the worst thing you can do for acne is to overly dry it out, especially if you have adult acne and excessive oil. Try incorporating a mist into your routine that provides convenient acne treatment throughout your day with gentle oil control all whilst providing the much needed hydration your skin needs to stay healthy!face mist insert image 3TRY IT: [Klairs] Fundamental Ampule Mist

3) Dry & Sensitive Skin Mist

If you suffer from dry skin in the winter time or even all year round, then adding a hydrating and calming mist into your daily routine is a must have solution! When you have dry and sensitive skin, sometimes your usual moisturizers and lotions just aren't enough through your day. If you work in an office then the effects of dry skin can be even worse as central heating in the winter and air conditioners during the summer can quite literally suck the moisture right out of your skin by mid-day! Keep this moisturizing and soothing mist at your desk or in your bag to use when your skin starts to feel tight and dry. It won't disrupt your makeup and will instantly save your skin from that dry feeling!3 Face Mist Recommendation for Different Skin Types Article Insert 3TRY IT: [COSRX] Centella Water Alcohol-Free Toner Mist

4) Normal Skin Mist

Oh you lucky one! If you have normal skin and want to treat yourself to a mist, then you have the freedom to choose any of the above or just add a simple glacial water/ rose water mist to your morning routine. You can even carry it around to enjoy on days where you just want that "fresh" feeling throughout your day!

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