2021 Wishtrend Favorites Skincare Review Highlights

by Wendy Kim on Aug 13, 2021

Check out the review highlights of some of the Wishtrend's favorite skincare products! From gentle exfoliating cleanser to gentle exfoliating toner, learn what you can expect from these skincare gems!


Green Tea + Enzyme = Antioxidant and Skin Purification 

• Recommended for: oily skin, sensitive skin, flaky skin, acne prone skinTargeted for: gentle exfoliating cleansing, remove excessive sebum around the t-zoneDetails: This powder cleanser is moist as a low pH cleanser and refreshing as a scrub. Green Tea Powder effective in cleansing and soothing guarantees refreshing use. Papain Enzyme, Coconut-derived Surfactant and Baking Soda gently melt away blackheads, impurities and dead skin cells for brighter and smoother skin.
By Wishtrend

Green Tea & Enzyme Powder Wash



Blue Calming Cream to Heal Sensitive & Damanged Skin

Recommended to: sensitive skin, irritated skin, wounded skin, acne prone skin

Targeted for: post acne care, skin irritation, wonded areas, post-shave, skin hives

Details: This gentle cream instantly calms and soothes sensitive skin. Star ingredients include Guaiazulene, a natural component extracted from Chamomile Oil with powerful calming effects, and Centella Asiatica that hydrates the skin and relieves redness.

Dear, Klairs

Midnight Blue Calming Cream


77.78% Rice Extract for Glowing Skin

Recommended to: dry skin, dehydrated skin, flaky skin, dull skin

Targeted for: dry patches on the skin, deep hydration, skin nourishment, all day hydration

Details: This toner is made with 77.78% Rice Extract effective in elasticity care. The product forms a protective barrier over the skin to prevent water loss, eliminate dead skin cells and provide luster and moisturization to rebalance dry and tired skin.

I'm From

Rice Toner


Targeted for Dark Spots & Skin Blemishes

Recommended to: acne prone skin, oily skin, sensitive skin

Targeted for: hyperpigmentation, acne spots, blackheads, t-zone with excessive sebum

Details: This ampoule is a day and night serum from Rovectin's Clean Line, that hydrates and enhances the skin with only the essentials. LHA (Caproloyl Salicylic Acid) works effectively on clogged pores with sebum and blackheads which helps brighten dark spots caused by blemishes. And as it contains 85% Neroli flower water extract, it helps to soothe and calm the skin with anti-inflammatory properties. Recommended as a gentle and effective serum.


LHA Blemish Ampoule



Superberry Extract 49.02%, AHA + Vitamin C

Recommended to: oily skin, dull skin, sensitive skin, flaky skin

Targeted for: daily gentle exfoliation, flaky areas on the skin, t-zone with excessive sebum 

Details: This solution gently but effectively exfoliates the complexion while keeping it moisturized and supple all at once. The Gentle Exfoliating Solution is formulated with AHA and vitamin C, which work together to remove dead skin cells to uncover your skin’s inner glow. To help balance the exfoliating properties, an antioxidant-rich super berry complex composed of 49.02% blueberry and raspberry extracts reduces inflammation and irritation, while also promoting cell turnover. All combined, you have a great daily exfoliator.


Gentle Exfoliating Solution



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