#wishtrender: Sehee Jee, Instagram Operator at Wishtrend.

by Wendy Kim on Mar 30, 2020

We are now getting into April which means we are getting into full spring. The best way to celebrate the end of the first quarter and the start of a new season of 2020, we thought it would be best to bring back the series, where we share the stories of our #wishtrenders. The term ‘#wishtrenders’ now has become a proper noun that embraces everyone who builds a connection with Wishtrend. To kick off 2020, we’d like to introduce you to Sehee Jee, the operator of social media on Wishtrend. Who spends day and day to offer the latest news and insightful tips on skincare and witty contents on @wishtrend and @wishtrendtv. Get to learn a little more about the mind behind making Wishtrend the place where your journey to positive beauty takes off. 

"A good skincare is beneficial for everyone, no matter who you are!"

[caption id="attachment_304206" align="aligncenter" width="500"]#wishtrender-sehee-insert-image Sehee Jee, Instagram Operator at Wishtrend[/caption]
  • • Name: Sehee Jee (follow her @seheedj)
  • • Where are you from?
I was born here in Korea and I’ve lived in Canada for 14 years, so you could say I’m from both Korea and Canada!
  • • What do you do at Wishtrend?
I am in charge of all things social media for Wishtrend & Wishtrend TV. I work closely with different stakeholders at Wishtrend to share the latest news on Wishtrend and most useful tips on skincare and beauty. 
  • • Best part about working at Wish
Besides the fact that we get to test out the latest products firsthand (haha), I love the fact that I get a chance to take parts in different creative projects, even the ones that aren’t directly related to social media. Recently, I am working on developing visual branding for Wishtrend with different teams. Working in collaboration with staffs from different teams are always an eye awakening experience especially when it involves creativity. Coming up with contents thinking how they will help our customers and followers have a better idea of skincare, is always rewarding. 
    • • What are your interests apart from skincare?
  • #wishtrend-sehee-insert-image3
  • I am actually a HUGE makeup addict, so I’m always scouting for the latest makeup launches, testing them out and trying new makeup looks just for fun. It’s always fun to switch my mind between skincare mode and makeup mode. As much as I love playing with different skincare ingredients, I love playing with all sorts of colors. My co-workers often please themselves by looking at exotic choices of colors when it comes to makeup. Yet, no matter how much I adore the artistry of makeup, at the end of the day, I am always reminded of the importance of skincare. Healthy and hydrated skin is the key to flawless makeup. Apart from makeup, I also love going vintage hunting, exploring Youtube or Spotify for new music and playing video games. (Animal Crossing, anyone?) 
  • •  What is your skin type
Combination with oily t-zone, dry cheeks and blackheads. Sounds like a lot! I am pretty sure a lot of you will relate with me on how it is tricky to take care of combination skin during all four seasons. It is important to target different skin concerns on different parts of your face and have to keep oil under control while hydrating the skin from deep within. Though it can be intimidating, as long as you are encountered with the right products and skincare, and as long as there is a will, there is a way! ✔︎ Read this article that really helped me curate a daily skincare that works on my combination skin: Oily? Dry? How to Take Care of Combination Skin Like a Pro! 
  • What are 5 products you can’t live without: 
Working with Wishtrend, I’ve had the privilege to test out a wide variety of different products. Though I initially thought that it would take a while to just choose 5 products that I love, we all know that at the end of the day, we always lean toward a few products that we always go back to. 
  1. #1. Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin E Mask (I can’t even count how many jars I’ve emptied)
#2. Klairs Soft Airy UV Essence
  1. #3. By Wishtrend Clear Skin Shield Patch
  2. #4. By Wishtrend Acid-duo 2% Mild Gel Cleanser
  3. #5. Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb
  • What does your current skincare routine look like
#wishtrender-sehee-insert-image2In the morning, I keep cleansing simple and focus on hydrating my skin layer by layer. I only cleanse with water. First I spritz on Klairs Ampule Mist, then pat in By Wishtrend Boosting Essence, apply By Wishtrend Propolis Ampoule, moisturize with Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream and finish up with Klairs UV Essence.At nighttime, double cleansing is a must using Klairs Oil Cleanser & By Wishtrend Gel Cleanser (When I see more blackheads, I take time to massage the nose with the oil cleanser for good 5-10 minutes.) After cleansing, I wipe the face using a cotton pad & Klairs Daily Skin Hydrating Water, apply Klairs Vitamin Drop and finish up with a plenty of Vitamin E Mask. If my cheeks are feeling extra irritated, I would also apply Klairs Blue Cream only on the cheeks. And for once a week, I use By Wishtrend Hibiscus Cream to exfoliate.
  • • What are some products you are testing out currentlyRight now I’m testing out By Wishtrend Boosting Essence, some new exciting line of I’m From products (hush, hush) and Glossier Future Dew. I’ve been adding the Quad Active Boosting Essence into my everyday morning routine lately. Thanks to the watery and light texture, it feels refreshing in the morning and works perfectly with the ampoule with thicker consistency. 
If you are also testing out this new essence like I am and wish to have a better understanding of this golden essence, make sure to read the following: - Lighter Than Serum But As Good As Serum, the Face Essence for Acne- What is Facial Essence and How is It Different from Toner and Serum?- What Are Some Korean Skincare Active Ingredients Worth Knowing?
  • • What is one beauty tip you live by and wish to share? A good skincare is beneficial for everyone, no matter who you are! Yes, getting a good night’s sleep and eating right are equally important but having a proper skincare routine really helps our skin to stay healthy and glowing 24/7, not to mention that it’s a very relaxing morning & night ritual. It is my job to come up with contents to share some of the best skincare tips and tutorials with our followers. But I am also a #wishtrender that resort to articles and videos on Wishtrend whenever I am in need of a good skincare advice. It feels great to be a part of this community that is constantly coming together, growing and learning to make skincare a lifestyle, and a healthy one. 
  • • What does ‘positive beauty’ mean to you? 
Positive beauty for me, is about being at peace with who you are, while taking a good care of yourself both mentally and physically. While as easy as it sounds, I think it is something that needs to be practiced everyday of our lives.

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