Why Do Koreans Love Ginseng for Anti Aging?

by Wendy Kim on Mar 09, 2018

  Are you familiar with 'ginseng'? If you are Asian, ginseng will not come to you as something extremely unfamiliar but rather a specific scent or a taste will naturally come through your mind. Ginseng is considered to be one of the most popular healthy food, a super food in Asia which is consumed regardless of ages. It's consumed in a variety of forms from ginseng extracts, ginseng tea and to ingredient as itself served on dishes. Now ginseng smeared into the beauty industry and skincare products with ginseng ingredients are hitting the market. So what makes ginseng such an attractive ingredient not only for Asians but grabbing attention world wide?  

List of some benefits ginseng have on our body :

- Lowers blood sugar levels- Reduces cholesterol levels- Enhances lung function - Has anti-inflmmatory properties- Prevents flu and respiratory virus- Stimulates brain cells and improves concentration and cognitive activities  

Ginseng for Skin?

But now, let's go back to what we really want to know. The benefits of ginseng on our skin. Ginseng is of course beloved as an edible ingredient but now you'll start finding them among skincare products. Take a look at some of the benefits ginseng has on our skin and get ready to fall in love with it. 

"5 Benefits That Ginseng Can Do For Your Skin" on Wish Beauty Lab


1) Prevents the skin from aging

If you see ginseng in a skincare, think of it as a great anti-aging product. Ginseng is most often included as anti-aging ingredient in the form of serum, moisturizer or a wash-off mask. There are medical studies showing that ginseng is effective in delaying wrinkles from forming because it has the ability to boos skin-firming collagen. 

2) Maintains skin's elasticity

Along with preventing wrinkles from forming and fading wrinkles, ginseng is known to improve elasticity. Once you deal with wrinkles, you would want to bring back that elasticity. The main cause of losing elasticity on skin is due to decrease in the production of collagen and elastin in our skin. But if you incorporate ginseng in your skincare, thanks to the boost of elastin production, your skin will gradually get back elasticity. 

3) Improves skin complexion

Surprisingly, ginseng roots and leaves are rich in vitamins and minerals! And we all know how great vitamins and minerals are for our skin. It makes ginseng a great ingredient to metabolise skin cells and encourages the removal of dead skin cells which will help to regenerate healthy new skin. Even if it is not a skincare product, ginseng tea is great to refine and rehydrate your skin by regenerating skin cells. So remember ginseng along with vitamin c if you want brighter and healthier skin complexion. 

4) Treats puffy eyes and dark circles

Puffy eyes and dark circles are probably one of the biggest skin concern that many have. There are many different ways to treat this but you would want to remember ginseng. Especially if you incorporate ginseng as a mask (wash off mask), you can specifically target the area under your eyes. 

5) Prevents acne

One of the most exciting news for those struggling with acne. When ginseng is consumed through food, it helps to maintain hormonal balance within your body and since hormonal issues play a role in causing acne, ginseng will be a one way to reduce acne breaks. But also, ginseng is great in improving immune system which helps to prevent development of certain bacteria that causes acne. So whether you decide to eat it, or apply it on your face, both will do good for the skin. 

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