When to Use Wash Off Mask? The Best Time to Bust It Out!

by bb on May 21, 2018

‘Are you new to the world of face masks? If yes, then you might be a little confused on when to use wash off mask types and for which skin concerns. Since wash off masks are different from sheet masks and peel off masks, you will find there are specific situations that will best influence when you should use a wash off mask. So let us give you a little insight on when to use wash off mask types for the best results. When to Use Wash Off Mask The Best Time to Bust It Out! Article Insert 1

What are wash off masks?

Wash off face masks are just as the name describes, they are face masks that are designed to be removed from the skin via rinsing away with lukewarm water. Although the term “wash off” can insinuate the use of a cleanser to remove the mask, the reality is, you should only remove these masks with water alone and nothing more. These types of masks come in a large variety to choose from, but the most well known and common type is the traditional clay mask, which is a staple in the world of wash off masks. Clay masks embody the definition of wash off masks as they truly can be remove in no other way, making them the most commonly known type of wash off face mask.

Types of Wash Off Masks

Now, if you want to dip your toes in the world of wash off masks, then you first should become familiar with the types of wash off masks that are available to you, as each can be very different and have a wide range of benefits for the skin and specific skin conditions.

1. Clay Masks (Sebum Controlling)

As previously discussed, clay masks are the textbook definition of a wash off mask. These masks are of course, formulated with clay as their main base to focus on deep cleansing and light exfoliation. These masks are designed to lift impurities from deep within the pores, remove excess oil, tighten pores, deliver essential minerals and nutrients into the skin, and provide a cooling effect. Alongside these deep cleansing benefits, clay masks also help to control oil production even after use, making these types of face masks the best choice for those who suffer from oily skin and enlarged pores.- TRY: [I'M FROM] Volcanic Mask (pure volcanic clay derived from Jeju Island in South Korea for the most gentle and natural deep cleanse.)When to Use Wash Off Mask The Best Time to Bust It Out! Article Insert 2- TRY: [SKINMISO] Sebum-Less Pore Mask (a comprised mix of Clay and Pearlite to deliver advanced oil control for those with adult oily skin that also gently exfoliates.)When to Use Wash Off Mask The Best Time to Bust It Out! Article Insert 3

2. Nourishing Masks

Although clay masks are the most common and familiar, there is a much wider variety of wash of masks out there. And one of them are skin nourishing wash off mask and even skin repairing masks. Just as you may guess, these wash off masks are designed to repair and deeply nourish the skin to revitalize the skin. The best part about it is that even when you wash them off, they will generally leave a small rich layer over the skin, acting as a moisturizing layer to protect the skin even after use. If you are looking for a wash off mask that can nourish the skin, focus on the ingredients, for example honey and ginseng. These two ingredients are already well known for its health benefits but when it comes to the skin, the effect of it doubles. The benefits of these types of masks is that they are amazing for those with sensitive skin, dry skin, damaged skin and mature skin as they act to heal all skin concerns linked to those specific skin types and conditions.- TRY: [I'M FROM] Honey Mask (honey works to not only moisturize the skin, but also repair damaged skin cells, aid in skin healing, provide anti-inflammatory benefits and antioxidants for aging skin.)When to Use Wash Off Mask The Best Time to Bust It Out! Article Insert 4- TRY: [I'M FROM] Ginseng Mask (ginseng provides the skin with intensive antioxidant care, skin repair and firming alongside moisture care. Creating healthier, brighter and more youthful looking skin.)When to Use Wash Off Mask The Best Time to Bust It Out! Article Insert 5

3. Hydrating Masks

The final category for wash off mask types is hydrating masks. These forms of wash off masks are unique in the sense that they are usable by all skin types. Hydrating wash off masks work to provide fast hydration that penetrates deep into the skin, instantly restoring balance. This effect is both beneficial to those with oily and dry skin as an imbalance in skin hydration can cause both an excess in oil production and even skin dryness. Making hydrating wash off masks the upcoming underdog in the world of wash off mask types.- TRY: [I'M FROM] Magnolia Sleep Mask (an intensive hydrating wash off mask that is formulated to deliver deep hydration alongside natural extracts. These natural extracts work to stimulate skin cell regeneration, brighten uneven skin tones and also deliver aromatherapy. This mask can be used in excess as a wash off type, or in a thin layer as the topper in your evening routine to use as a sleeping mask.)When to Use Wash Off Mask The Best Time to Bust It Out! Article Insert 6

When to use wash off mask types?

The bottom line is, there really is not actual best time for when use wash off mask types. What is truly comes down to is what your personal preference is, as each type of face mask will provide their own unique benefits to the skin. If you are looking for something you can indulge in, in which you can control the amount that is applied to the skin, then that is when to use wash off mask types. Aside from personal preference, the best time for when to use wash off mask types is also in the instance you are looking for a specific function out of a mask. An excellent example of this situation is when you are seeking pore cleansing, oil control and exfoliation. At that time, the best times for when to use wash off mask types would be the instance, when you should grab a clay mask and let it do the work! So the real answer you’re seeking does not 100% exist. Meaning it’s time you start experimenting and exploring which types of masks suit you best, whether it be wash off masks, sheet masks or peel off masks, the choice all comes down to what you like.

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