To Mix or Not to Mix? Retinol and Propolis

by Claudia Christin on Dec 07, 2023

What is Retinol and its benefit for skin

Retinol is a very well known ingredient for its benefit for skin. It is an all rounder ingredient that can help our skin look younger, fight off acne, minimize the look of our pores, increase cellular turnover, brighten, and many more! Since we have talked about retinol pretty often, let’s dive deeper about Bee Propolis!


What is Bee Propolis and its benefit for skin

Bee propolis is a natural, brown colored resin used by bees to build and hold their hives. Bee propolis was initially known for its healing properties in pharmaceutical and medical industries. It was then it started to get into the K-beauty industry and has been one amongst many favourite ingredients up until now.


Skingredients: Rice for glowing skin
Skingredients: Rice for glowing skin

Bee propolis is said to contain over 300 active compounds, from antioxidants such as ferulic acid and flavonoids, vitamins (C and E), to zinc. Since it has great antioxidant properties, it can help decrease inflammation, work as anti-aging, and keep the skin looking youthful, firm and healthy.


Benefits of Bee Propolis for skin


#1 Anti-aging

As it is rich in antioxidants (flavonoids, phenolics), it can help combat the breakdown of collagen and elastin as well as cell and tissue damage. Bee propolis can also help block the degradation of collagen caused by exposure to UV light.


#2 Acne-fighting: antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral

Bee propolis protects your skin towards bacterial and fungal acne. It fights external stressor that can cause acne, such as the bacterium known as P. acnes. It also contains enzyme that has mild exfoliation effect which can help keep pores unclogged.


#3 Anti-inflammatory

If you’ve got acne on your skin already, fret not since it can help you not only to prevent acne but also treat existing acne. The anti-inflammatory benefit of bee propolis helps calm and soothe breakouts, redness and swelling.


#4 Skin brightening

Since antioxidants also works to prevent dullness, uneven skin tones, and blemishes, it is making Bee Propolis a great supplement for skin brightening.


#5 Can be used as post-acne treatment to heal the acne scars and wounds

Bee propolis components can help promote skin cell production and growth of collagen in the skin, making the process of wound healing accelerated.


Skingredients: Rice for glowing skin
Skingredients: Rice for glowing skin

Anti aging benefits of mixing these two

Retinol’s main benefits are focused on improving skin texture, fine lines and wrinkles, acne, hyperpigmentation, and increasing cellular turnover (skin renewal). While bee propolis is focused on giving antioxidants and soothing benefit for the skin. 


Combining retinol and bee propolis for anti-aging benefit is a great choice since one works to help the skin rejuvenate itself, and one gives the ‘fuel’ that the skin needs to work.


Can I use them together in one skincare routine?

Absolutely yes! Aside from the double skin aging benefit that you’ll get, bee propolis can help minimize the side effects of retinol by reducing redness. 


Skingredients: Rice for glowing skin
Skingredients: Rice for glowing skin

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