The Top 5 Best Sellers on Wishtrend | January Favorites Edition

by WISHCOMPANY INC on Feb 07, 2021

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 2020 was pretty rough on all of us but that didn’t stop our K-beauty enthusiasts from exploring and experimenting with all the more fascinating ways to care for our skin. Rather than kicking off the new year with power and energy, it looks like this Jaunuary we all decided to look for ways to heal and take care of ourselves.  #Healing and #Selflove are emerging keywords in 2021 and products that help us soothe and calm our skin have been most loved this January. If you’re still lost and haven’t made up your mind on how to transform yourself and your skin for a better you this year, get in with the flow and find out ways you can also heal and love.  
rice healing package shop now
 Rice might seem like the oldest trick from the book but the newest lauch from I’m From was revolutionary. I’m From’s Rice Healing Package has everything you need from toner to serum and added rice to it. It even has facial mask for those special days when you really need a boost. Rice naturally exfoliates your skin, removing dead skin cells from the surface of your skin and allowing your skin to have a radiant glow. Because rice is a mild exfoliator, it treats hyperpigmentation gently but surely effectively. Those who are looking to turn the glow on to the skin, can definitely benefit from adding rice to their skincare.  Check out the real review from Treja Bu**** on her experience with I’m From Rice Healing Package: “You will not regret getting the “I’m from rice” line. Even before this routine the rice toner brightened and tightened my skin. I originally used it with the green tea wishtrend face wash and freshly juiced vitamin drop and vitamin e mask. The RICE HEALING LINE is hands down my favorite. Wishtrend please continue to have sales on this line.”  
  • 2️⃣. Sensitive skin's holy grail: Midnight Blue Calming Cream

  • The cold weather made you all crave this soothing, calming cream from Klairs. Due to its creamy and dreamy texture, applying Midnight Blue Calming Cream is like wrapping a cozy blanket around yourself on those most chilly nights for your skin. Naturally creating a protective barrier, Midnight Blue Calming Cream allowed your skin to start the healing process from within while preventing further damage from external stimuli.
Midnight Blue Calming Cream Shop Now
 Not to mention its main ingredient Centella Asiatica is a bomb, powerfully healing major wounds and minor scratches. The natural oil extracted from Chamomile oil makes skincare therapeutic with its wonderful aroma.  The Midnight Blue Calming Cream is a definite game-changer for all soothing and calming. Sounds too good to be true? See for yourself! Close to 700 reviews from Midnight Blue Calming Cream lovers say it all. With more than 600 reviews that prove you have absolutely fallen in love with the Midnight Blue’s magic.  Thai Li**** calls this cream her “holy grail” while Angert Ye**** calls it “a magical cream” that just heals EVERYTHING. Regardless of your skin type, this calming cream soothes and heals your troubled skin like magic.  You need to be tech-savvy when it comes to skincare and stay up to date with the newest and trendiest technology in K-beauty skincare. LED masks used to be an innovative technology that shocked us all but now it has taken up an important part of all of our skincare regimen.  
elcair led therapy mask shop now
 With three different LED light settings, Eclair LED Therapy mask makes it easy to treat different skin concerns at a click of a button. Many of our actual users of Eclair LED Therapy Mask have witnessed real changes in their pores, hyperpigmentation, and acne scars. The list goes on and on because the three light settings on the LED mask allow you to find the optimal setting for your personal skin concerns and get it right. If you are tired and sick of trying new skincare product after another, it may be a time for you to be adventurous and take your chances with a LED mask. You won’t regret it. ▶️ Read How to Maximize LED Mask with 3 Different Lights A review from Brooke Sa**** is really dedicated to those who struggled with skincare and did their absolute best to resolve the issues but are on the fence about trying out a LED mask: “WOW this thing really works!! I had not tried LED therapy before purchasing so I was a bit skeptical, as someone who has sensitive skin, but I have been using this for over a month now and my skin is night and day from what it was!! I have been using this for the past few months and love it.”  Starting out as a skeptic, Brooke fell in love with Eclair’s LED mask and is using them consistently whenever she needs to treat a skin issue. Lebowitz Di**** also fell immediately in love with her first LED mask when she saw that it healed the acne scars she had since high school: “I use a combo of the orange light and the red light to help with my acne scars I've had since high school. I really didn't think anything would help with them, but slowly this mask is having an amazing affect on my skin! My skin is becoming clearer, less dull and more plump looking. You have to be patient to see results with this, but once you do it is so worth it.”   All the beauty influencers were in it way before enzyme became a thing in the skincare game. Enzyme powder allows a soft scrub while gently exfoliating your skin so even those with sensitive skin can fully reap the benefits of exfoliating without having to deal with irritation and redness. Melting away blackheads, impurities, and dead skin cells, this is a must-have exfoliator especially if you failed with other physical and chemical exfoliators. 
Green Tea Powder Wash Shop Now
 A review from Barbara Ha**** proves the effectiveness of By Wishtrend’s Green Tea Enzyme Power Wash in getting rid of your dead skin cells: “I am so in love with this Powder Wash! I have dry/combination skin which is sensitive and gets a bit flaky in the dry winter months. This wash has enough texture to make my skin look fresh and dewy, yet gentle enough to use every other day. It has a fresh scent, but does not contain any perfumes that usually irritate my skin. This is the perfect addition to my skincare routine.”  To add an even softer touch to the powder wash, By Wishtrend’s Green Tea Enzyme Powder Wash added green tea extract to help with soothing and moisturizing. ▶️ Watch @thebeautywimp' s video on the Green Tea Powder Wash Kira Fl**** noticed how her skin was more refreshed after using By Wishtrend’s Green Tea Enzyme Powder Wash: “My skin is brighter, texture free, and really soft. It honestly only took a few uses to notice my skin was looking healthier. I would definently recommend this cleanser!”  

5️⃣. New but trending: Maskne Repair Box

K-beauty skincare keyword of 2020 was #maskne. It’s sad but true. A combination of mask and acne, the new acne has creeped upon us, attacking us when we least expect it. That didn’t keep us down and stop us from fighting the battle with acne.
maskne repair box shop now
▶️ Watch the full video on how to treat "maskne" on Wishtrend TV  Wishtrend made fighting the battle easy on all of us by launching the Maskne Repair Box. Maskne Repair Box not only gives you the tools to fight maskne but also a manuscript on winning the battle. Cleansing with Conditioning Cleanser, your skin is soothed and becomes well-prepared to absorb all the benefitial ingredients that other products have to offer. With fig essesence and vitamin balm, you can add power and resilience to your skin in no time.  A review from Kylie Na**** says it all: “Also, using the fig boosting essence and vitamin drop, I could feel more moisturization on my skin than before. I hope everyone who has the same concern tries this routine because it really is effective.” So it’s true that your skin can be better even after maskne. WTL box did not stop there but prepared an extra gift for your most special or most troubling days. Cica Care Balm is a secret remedy for healing that you can only find in the Maskne Repair Box.  Cica is a powerful ingredient that boosts the healing process and you’ll see how Michelle Hu**** instantly fell in love with the wonders of the Cica Care balm: “This is so amazing! Especially I LOVE Cica Care Balm which is perfect for spot cream, I've never seen this kind of spot cream before. It's not thick at all so you can use this for both day and nighttime routine which soothes the troubles and strengthens your skin barrier.”   

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