The Enzyme Powder Cleanser Made with Green Tea?

by Lorena Jimenez on Dec 19, 2018


1. Texture

The [By Wishtrend] Green Tea & Enzyme Powder Wash is a mild yet very effective cleanser, that not only deep cleanses the pores to help fight against impurities, but also helps mildly exfoliate the skin to make it look significantly softer and brighter. There is something even more special, its texture. The Enzyme Wash comes as the name indicates in powder form. Why is powder form interesting? Well, first it is super easy to travel with, without making messes all over, being dry it is great to store away easily also keeping bacteria away for good. Plus having to be foamed on the hands prevents any extra pulling and irritation on the skin.  

2. Ingredients

As you can read on Wishtrend´s main page the Enzyme Wash has hydrating, exfoliating, moisturizing and pH balancing properties. It helps exfoliate through enzymes but not only that, this cleanser also has also a couple of great ingredients that are very beneficial to the skin. And these are some favorites among the formulation: - Green Tea Powder- Papain- Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda)- Amino Acid Surfactants All great exfoliants, but each with different great added characteristics for the skin. Green tea is also a potent antioxidant. Papain a great brightening agent. Baking soda a great antibacterial and deep cleanser. And Amino acid surfactants a great way to not throw pH levels off balance while still creating a nice lathering.  

3. How to Use

The Enzyme Powder Wash is very simple to use. Just as any other cleanser, it shall go right at the beginning of your routine.The first skincare step, with the added prop of taking care of some light exfoliation being an enzyme wash.  In order to avoid irritation, create a nice lathering and make the product work to the best of its abilities, the product should be foamed upon completely dry hands. Pour the desired amount of product onto dry and clean hands, add some water and foam up the product. Once you have a nice lathering apply the product onto the face and massage with soft circular motions. Massage softly, but giving extra attention to any trouble areas where pores or impurities might be more abundant. Rinse off with lukewarm water.  

4. Smart Tips

The Enzyme Powder Wash is a great cleanser to use daily,, but there are many other ways to get creative with it, and here are some of my tips.  

1) Create your own mask

If you want to go a step further with deep cleansing and brightening, mix a little bit off the Enzyme Powder Wash with some raw honey in a 2 to 1 ratio adding a couple of drops of warm water to the mix, especially if it is raw honey. The honey and green tea will help with the brightening, while also deep cleansing the pore. A tad of water will make the mixture more liquid and therefore more easy to use. Mix the ingredients place onto the face, wait for 5 minutes and once the formula is dry dampen your fingertips with slightly warm water and massage the mask into circular motions to help exfoliate and promote blood circulation to the skin. Rinse off with lukewarm water and proceed with toner and the rest of your skincare. Done, now enjoy your beautiful and bright skin complexion.  

2) Deep cleanse your scalp

We care a lot for our skin, but many times we forget that the scalp is skin too. More and more people are facing hair loss due to stress, external pollutants and many times, without even knowing it, a big cause for hair loss happens to be scalp build up. The scalp is not washed as frequently as the face and hair follicles due to all the hair, product and sebum, many times get clogged difficulting healthy hair growth. If you want to deep cleanse the scalp add a little bit of the Enzyme Powder Wash to your shampoo once a week, as a deep cleansing treatment. This will help remove buildup and freshen the scalp to help slightly exfoliate and deep cleanse this area as well.  

3) Combine it to reach difficult areas

The Enzyme Powder Wash is very effective by itself, but can you imagine how good it will work in conjunction with other great beauty tools? If you have very heavily congested areas of skin. Like the nose, chin, cheeks, forehead or even ears and you are going to do a nose pack, a clay mask or any type of treatment to get rid of impurities you might want to get a powerful ally added to the powder wash. Pore brushes, silkworm cocoons, cotton pads, or even face brushes can be great companions to promote even better results when using the Enzyme Powder Wash. Massage the area with the tool dampened into the already lathered product to best target those stubborn areas. Do not overdo this, since it will provide great results but can be heavily exfoliating on the skin too. Keep this practice up once or twice a week depending on your needs.  

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