The Best Night Cream for Dry Skin? Night Cream for Different Skin

by Lorena Jimenez on Oct 17, 2018

One thing that I will never get tired of repeating is the importance of good giving good hydration to the skin. It does not matter if you are young or more mature, if it is summer or winter, if you are going to be swimming or if you are going out on a dry climate. Even your skin type does not matter.   Because independently of any of those qualities your skin will still need moisture and depriving your skin from moisture would be like depriving your body from food or water, your body will be ok at the beginning, but after some time it will not be able to perform its basic functions to the best of its ability.   Well the same happens to the skin. There are many types of skin, even under what it might at first glance seem like the same category, and because of that today we are going to go through the best night cream for dry skin, so you will be able to identify the best product for you.   Night-Creams-insert-image  

Why is it Important to Keep your Skin Properly Moisturized?

As we just mentioned moisturizing is similar to feeding your skin. Nowadays our daily lives are filled with many negative external or internal agents like pollution, damaging sun rays due to the ozone shield disappearing, stress, foods that might not be so healthy as we would like them to be... the list goes on and on. All that makes our skin, being our largest organ, to have to face a lot of challenges during any normal day, even from just simple tasks like going out for a walk. Keeping all that skin protected is not an easy job and our skin needs as much help as we can give it.   It is not like your skin will fall off if you do not moisturize it properly. The skin just like any other organ will keep doing its functions by itself, but just not as well and efficiently as with the right extra push. For you to understand exactly what proper moisturization brings to the table, let's go through some benefits of keeping your skin hydrated.  

1. Locks moisture in

When you hydrate the skin, you not only give it enough fuel to keep up with its other functions, but you are also locking the moisture into the skin, helping it stay nourished and preventing any evaporation and further dryness from occurring.  

2. Helps your skin stay young

As we explained the moisturization process helps the skin carry its functions, some of which are to fight free radicals and the production of collagen, two very important things that will help your skin stay younger looking for longer.  

3. Strengthens the skin’s barrier

The moisture barrier you apply does not only replenish the skin, but also helps the acid mantle (if you don't know what that is you can get a better idea through this article PH article) a part of your skin barrier, to keep your skin protected against any external factors.  

4. Makes your skin more resilient and elastic

Properly moisturized skin is stronger and can handle better movement. Think about what would happen to pasta if you try to bend while it is dry, it will break right, but after cooking it with water it becomes very flexible, well the same happens to the skin. If your skin is well nourished, it will go back to its original place after movement, without any damage, whereas if it is dry, it will be more prone to crack or tear.  

5. Improves skin texture

You might not realize it, but moisturizing, is one of the things that can help the way your skin looks the most. When your skin is properly hydrated it will look not only more plump and glowy, but even the aspects of things like pores or blemishes will be drastically reduced, that is why even from the outer appearance side only, moisturization is also very important.  

6. Balances out moisture and oil levels

Giving the needed hydration to your skin will balance the water and oil levels, keeping your skin well moisturized and reducing the overcompensation of oil production on those dehydrated skin cases.  

Why is good Moisturization Extra Important at Night?

Proper moisturization has all those effects at any point of the day, but at night it is even more important. It is actually at night when your skin rebuilds itself from all the damage that has been going through the day, which in today's world can be a bit of a biggie. While you sleep your whole body works to get back to its starting point, that is why the proper nourishment is well needed during this process.   This is especially true for people with dry skin, since they start from a place with a more evident lack of moisture, which is why choosing the best night cream for dry skin is even more so important.  

How to choose the best night cream for dry skin?

In order to choose the best night cream for dry skin, it is important to consider your skin type.  

1) For Oily but Dehydrated Skin

Search for products light enough to reach the deeper layers, which is where dehydration is going strong in these skin types. While also getting a product that has enough nutrients, to replenish what the skin is missing and balance out the sebum production.  

2) For Aging Skin

Products with a high content of ingredients able to fight free radicals and rebuild collagen are extremely important for these skin types. Ingredients such as vitamin E, C, collagen, hyaluronic acid among others will help moisturize the skin, fill out those fine lines and give enough nourishment to fight the aging process.  

3) For Dull & Uneven Skin

In this specific case you might want to look for not only nourishing, but also brightening ingredients. Ingredients like green tea, vitamin c, rice or arbutin that will help your skin become brighter and help fade any visible marks to achieve a more even complexion.  

4) For sensitive & Irritated Skin

This specific case is kind of tricky, since you not only need a product that is hydrating, but more importantly a product that is calming and soothing. Irritated skin will not react well to an overwhelming amount of ingredients or moisture, it is better to keep things simple and look for soothing ingredients such as Centella asiatica, camomile derivatives or Guazuline.  

5) For Dry Skin

Even when your skin might be yelling for some thick moisturizer, in my opinion going for a very rich and full of nutrients, but not overwhelmingly thick moisturizer might be your best choice, you can start applying a good nourishment there and then top it of with a heavier cream to lock everything in.  
      Well that was all concerning how to choose the best night cream for dry skin and some important tips on the skin moisturizing process. Do not forget, nourished skin is happy skin, have a great day.

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