The 3 Major Perks and Benefits of Gel Cleansers for Face!

by Hailei Kim on Mar 24, 2020

  If you are not 100% confident that you have the perfect facial cleanser for you and stick to the one that you are simply used to, it is probably time for you to find the face wash that is best for your skin type which can address your personal skin issues. Today, we dive into the lesser-known terrain of gel cleansers and look into 3 benefits of gel cleansers.   

What is a Gel Cleanser?

There are many benefits of gel cleansers but many people tend to stick to the more traditional foaming facial wash. Gel cleanser, just like how the name implies, is a facial cleanser with a gel-like texture. If you are more used to the foaming cleansers that tend to be airy and soapy, it may take some time for you to get used to the seemingly slippery feeling of gel cleansers. You might even wonder if your skin is properly cleansed because gel cleansers are transparent and normally produce little soap bubbles. Just because you don’t have visible traits of soap bubbles or foam on your face and are left without the “squeaky clean” feeling after a nice foaming wash, that does not mean gel cleansers are any less effective than foaming cleansers.  

Foaming Cleanser vs. Gel Cleanser

  Due to its rich and foamy texture, foaming cleansers give you the satisfaction that you know and expect from a nice soapy face wash. Although the foaming face wash is most effective in getting rid of excess oil and sebum, it could leave your skin feeling tight and stretchy if you have dry and sensitive skin. Also, notoriously known for its representative ingredient called “sodium lauryl sulfate” that causes skin irritation, foaming cleansers could easily irritate your skin and disturb the balance of your skin’s PH level. Gel cleansers, on the other hand, are water-based cleansers that consist of mild ingredients such as extracts from flowers, tea tree oil and essential oils. It is well used regardless of different skin types however, it is mostly sought after among those with sensitive skin and acne-prone oily skin. So, why is that?  

Perk #1. Deep Cleansing

Gel cleanser is the face wash for you if you are in need of deep cleansing. By unclogging your pores with a mild formula that causes little irritation to the skin, it allows for a thorough cleansing of your pores and removes dirt and excess oil off the surface of your skin at the same time. In order to maintain a perfect water and oil balance of your skin, it is important that you don’t strip your skin of its natural oil completely. 
  1. Perk #2. Acne Fighting

Gel cleansers can be an effective solution for those with oily and acne-prone skin. Along with the benefits of gel cleansers mentioned before, gel cleansers can be used to treat bacterial acne with its antiseptic qualities. While those with oily skin would be inclined to use the foaming cleansers for its post cleansing “squeaky clean” feeling, you should refrain from using the stronger formula and try to stick to a milder cleanser that can directly treat your acne, but at the same time, do not irritate your sensitive skin. 
  1. Perk #3. Soothing and Moisturizing

Gel cleansers also have soothing qualities, alleviating redness and irritation, which makes it perfect not only for fighting acne but preventing acne as well. Some gel cleansers contain moisturizing capsules or exfoliating grains to help with specific skin problems that you may have. 

How to Use: Maximize the Effectiveness of Gel Cleansers

First, wash your face with warm water. Finding the right tepid and lukewarm temperature is important for opening your pores not while damaging the surface of your skin. Squeeze a small ounce of gel onto your fingertips and gently massage your face in a circular motion. It is recommended that you start from the center of your face and move up to the sides. After having spent enough time cleansing your T-zone and around your nose, rinse off your face with water.Although gel cleansers provide many benefits alone, it works best in a collaboration with different types of cleansers. For example, you can add micellar waters to your cleansing routine after using the gel cleansers. Micellar waters do not need to be washed off. So instead of rinsing your face with water after gel cleansing, you can finish off with micellar water to make sure a good cleanse. If you don't own any micellar water, you can always replace it with a facial toner! Try to go with an essential oil - free facial toner or a toner that comes with a very light and watery texture as replacement!  

If you are looking for...

• gentle exfoliation• anti-inflammatory care• antibacterial care• sebum control 


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