Teen Acne? Adult Acne? The Endless Battle with Pimples!

by Lorena Jimenez on Oct 24, 2018

Hello guys, as we have talked about many times before, acne does not only have many causes, but is also not only strictly related to age. Sad news for all of us past our puberty who thought that we were finally free of breakouts forever, because SURPRISE!Teen Acne Adult Acne The Endless Battle with Pimples Article Insert 1

Acne still affects many different ranges...

While it is true that many people get acne during puberty, age is not the only factor that makes us break out. Statistics say that not only 8 out of 10 teenagers deal with acne, but also a larger portion of adult population is starting to deal with acne that comes after becoming an adult related issues every year.So what are the differences between teen acne and adult acne and how can we kick both them to the curve?Teen Acne Adult Acne The Endless Battle with Pimples Article Insert 2

● Teenage Pimples:

"Believe me, I have been there, but the good thing about teenage acne is that with the right habits and treatment you can control its effects and once those hormonal changes are over, the acne will disappear on its own."

What are the main causes behind teenage pimples?Initially, teenage pimples come mostly from hormonal imbalance. While the body is growing, there are a lot of changes, to which the reproductive system and hormones have to adapt very quickly to. This creates a rise in the androgen hormone levels, which is ultimately one of the biggest causes of teenage acne.Teen acne treatment and how to cure hormonal acne?When it comes to treating acne for teenagers, it is a tricky subject. In order to learn more about how to recognize it and treat it for the best, you can watch this video that will give you all the information that you need to know.[all about hormonal acne Youtube Vid 삽입]AND, find out "6 Ways to Take Care of Pimples on Face Caused by Hormones Like a Pro!" to help you through your teen acne days.The problem with teenage acneThe problem with teenage acne and the reason why those pimples might stick longer than only the teen years are due to the mistreatment of those pimples.What might have started as just a regular hormonal process, might end up messing basic skin functions if you don't treat those acne with the adequate teen acne treatment. Some of these wrong habits might lead to the spread of bacteria, and completely destroy the balance in which the skin hydrates itself or develop scarring.So, avoid things like:• not moisturizing• using the wrong products• picking on blemishes• and overusing harsh products and spot treatments.Want to learn everything you need to know about teen acne treatment that will actually work?adult-acne-insert-image-3And most importantly...When it comes to acne, it's not only about targeting the acne itself, but also about not touching the pimples, avoiding strong chemical, using lightweight but replenishing moisturizers and washing your face in a gentle yet effective way. That will help the skin to stay nourished and help it adapt better to those hormonal changes, without throwing off the skin PH balance and sebum production.

● Adult Acne:

Adult acne causes?Here the topic gets a bit trickier since there are way too many causes that can be linked to this type of acne, but the most common causes for adult acne are the following:1) Hormonal imbalanceYes, unfortunately you can still get hormonal imbalance even when you are an adult, especially if you are a female. Things like:• stress• ovulation• contraceptives• pregnancy• or even certain foods can lay among the biggest triggers for hormonal acne in adultsTeen Acne Adult Acne The Endless Battle with Pimples Article Insert 52) Diet & Lifestyle• not eating well• not enough sleep or bad sleeping patterns• lack of exercise• hectic lifestyle• overworking oneselfTogether with high periods of stress have a huge potential to translate into acne, especially taking into account that lifestyle choices are one of the main factors in adult acne. That can potentially also trigger, further acne causes like hormonal imbalance.Teen Acne Adult Acne The Endless Battle with Pimples Article Insert 63) Skin careWith age, we tend to start to get different skin concerns that we might want to target. A lack of elasticity, skin sagging, aging, dullness or even wrinkles. Many times we try to solve this through skin care, without realizing that things like:• the wrong usage of products• over or under doing skin care• daily makeup• ingredients clashing• and skin care reactions are not only one of the biggest causes of clogged pores and adult acne, but also of premature skin aging.

How to Treat Adult Acne

adult-acne-insert-image-6As you have seen adult acne causes are a lot broader than teen acne causes and therefore the adult acne products that you might want to use could be a lot different comparing one case to the other.In order to best resolve your adult acne, you might want to have a look at what exactly is causing acne, for which going back to the 1) 10 surprising causes of acne or 2) face mapping part could be very useful.There's always a way out!At the end, being able to prevent acne before anything gets to you will be the way to win the victory. However, even if you have acne, there is always a way out so don't be devastated.1) Know what types of acne you have, 2) figure out what the possible causes are for your acne, 3) find a good skin care and products that will work on your skin without irritation and if it's too much for you to handle, 4) visit a professional dermatologist or seek for acne medication. What you really need is the will to cure and overcome acne for healthy and clear skin! Where there is a will, there is way!

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