Summer Skincare Ingredients Recommendation For Each Skin Type

by Claudia Christin on Jul 28, 2023

Summer Skincare Ingredients Recommendation For Each Skin Type

Different seasons, different needs. It is not only how we dress ourselves that we need to adjust when a new season comes. We also need to adjust the products we apply on our skin during different seasons as the weather affects our skin biologically. However, as unique as us humans can be, our skins are also unique. Different skin type, during different seasons, needs different care. Just like how person A and person B have different needs of layer of cloths during the same day during the winter.


Before we jump to the ingredients recommendation, it is important to know what summer (ultimately hot and humid weather) does to our skin.


  • Loss of hydration

  • Buildup of dead skin

  • Premature aging and increased fine lines & wrinkles,

  • Greasy skin & increased sebum production,

  • Sun spots & freckles are several of the side effects our skin could get during the summer.


Summer Skincare Ingredients

Although there’s no specific ingredients designed just for one skin type during summertime, some ingredients might be more suitable for specific skin types due to its benefits. We all know it all depends on the product formulation and that the ingredients does not matter as much as the formulation does. However, some ingredients are more suitable for specific needs.


Here’s the ingredients guideline that each skin type might want to use during summertime.


Summer Skincare Ingredients



Charcoal: remove excess sebum

Hot and humid weather calls for more sebum excretion. It is important for oily skin friends to remove excess sebum, but it is also important to not overdo it as it can lead the skin to secrete even more sebum to maintain the skin’s moisture. Charcoal, paired with clay (works to absorb oil) will be a great combo to help you remove excess sebum and oils during summertime.


Niacinamide: control sebum production

It is no secret that Niacinamide is a hero ingredient for oily skin friends. Besides helping oily skin to control sebum production, it also works to help brightens the skin and prevent the skin from looking greasy!


Salicylic acid: remove dead skin cells

Salicylic acid or beta hydroxy acid (BHA) exfoliates and cleanses your pores inner lining for a smoother and minimize pore size. It reduces chances of breakouts while soothe down your skin too with their anti-inflammatory properties.


oily skin



Ceramide: retains skin's moisture barrier.

It is one of the most important lipid components in our skin that works to keep the skin hydrated. Even though it seems like dry skins do not suffer from the humid weather as much as oily skins do, it is important to make sure that the skin is well hydrated.


Hyaluronic acid: attract waters and keep them hydrated

It holds 1000x its weight in water and these naturally occurring humectants attract water into the skin. Hyaluronic acid instantly hydrates and plumps up the skin by maintaining the skin water level.


Glycerin: The underrated humectant

Other than hyaluronic acid, we have another hydration superstar, which is glycerin. It helps protect the skin from environmental sources of irritation and make dry skin feel soft and supple. On top of that, it fortify the skin barrier and maintain skin water level.


dry skin



Centella Asiatica: works to enhance skin’s ability to retain water and improve hydration when combined with moisturizers

We all know that dry skin has a lower ability to retain oils, but summer is conceivably the best season for dry skin as they don’t lose oils as easily during the winter. However, they still need to use moisturizer that can help to moisture and hydrate their skin well to prevent their skin looking dry, flaky and weak.


Oat (colloidal): protect, hydrate and reduce redness

Oatmeal has been used for centuries for their soothing properties. They are great not only for your gut but also for your skin. It is a skin protectant that protects and prevents water loss while soothing the skin. 


Calendula extract: vibrant yet soothing

Anyone with sensitive, inflamed skin, try using calendula! It is a multi talented ingredient. It helps soothe and calm your skin while promoting wound healing at the same time, thanks to its anti-inflammatory benefit. Everyone with all skin types can benefit from it, but those with sensitive skin can get an added benefit from it.


sensitive skin

Combination and acne-prone skin

Honey: a natural humectant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, protect skins against moisture loss

Heat raises the skin’s surface temperature, leading to pore’s dilation, increased redness and oil production, and even causes irritation or inflammation. And the bad news is, summer is not -if not worse- the best season for acne-prone skin friends. Acne prone skin will definitely love honey as it cleanses the pore, treats acne, moisturizes and hydrates skin, and soothes inflammation.


Guaiazulene: anti-inflammation, anti-oxidant, anti-acne

Derived from chamomile extract, guaiazulene has the ability to soothe and reduce redness and inflammation. It also has moisturizing effects and antibacterial properties, able to enhance skin barrier function, and has antioxidant properties that can lessen the effects of free radicals on the skin (which you would definitely need during the summer).


Retinol: The king of ingredients

It is the gold standard for skincare. It is so multi-talented that it can help address all kinds of skin concerns, including mild acne. It helps refine skin texture, minimize fine lines, wrinkles as well as brighten the whole complexion.


combination/ acne-prone skin

Last, but definitely not least: for all skin type


Vitamin C

Great to help the skin fights off free radicals from the sun all year round



Undeniably one of the most important things that you should be using throughout the summer season. It’s hot outside and the sun is out, don’t forget to apply your favorite sunscreen and be sure to reapply often since all the sweat is going to melt off the sunscreen protection.


all skin type

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