Product for Acne? The List to Never Forget When it Comes to Acne

by Lorena Jimenez on Oct 30, 2018

Has Acne Got You Down?

Are you finding yourself asking questions such as; ‘what are the causes of acne’? Or ‘how to get rid of body acne’? If you have found answers to those questions, I am pretty sure that the next course of ACNE you are dying to learn about will be 1) ingredients that will work for acne or acne spot and 2) a list of product recommendation that will help you treat acne and GET OVER with acne.Product for Acne The List to Never Forget When it Comes to Acne Article Insert 1And we all know that preventive measures are necessary and should be presence in our daily life but also actual skin care solutions and acne treatment with active ingredients will give you the quick result and will actually hunt the bacteria down.

So now the question is,

"What are the products for acne that will work for me?”

But, let’s not forget that we should start with the list of ingredients that are best to stay away for awhile if you are struggling with acne.

First, the rules to remember...

No matter the location of your acne, if you have pimples, all the same rules will apply to you. You will have to 1) control excess oil and clogged pores, 2) be aware that there is acne bacteria to kill, 3) don’t forget that you are dealing with sensitive skin condition, and 4) never forget spot treatments until the end.
  • ● Ingredients to Avoid
Considering the rules above, take notes on some of the ingredients that can amplify or even trigger acne.

So what are there?

Shea Butter: Pore clogging on acne prone skinCoconut Oil: Pore cloggingVaseline: Extremely pore cloggingAlcohol: Extremely drying and irritating on the skinMenthol: Drying, irritating, and causes inflammationPeppermint: Drying, irritating and causes inflammationEucalyptus: Drying, and irritating which can result in irritationSo go over to you vanity and check the ingredient list of the products you have. If you are currently using products that contains the ingredients above, discontinue to do so because that might be the reason why you haven’t seen any progress with your acne treatment.

● Ingredients to Use (and answering FAQ for each!)

When it comes to fighting acne, there are loads of ingredients you can use that will help heal acne without overly drying the skin. There are some serious skin savers to look for when seeking out and acne-fighting face and body routine.

1. Vitamin C

This powerful antioxidant is very underrated in terms of its ability to fight against acne.Common known for its skin brightening abilities, when using a powerful vitamin c serum or a gentle serum on acne, it will exfoliate the skin to unclog pores, stimulate collagen to repair damage while brightening and fading acne scars.Q. I have sensitive skin! How can I use Vitamin C in my routine?A. If it your first time using a vitamin c product or a vitamin c serum, we recommend you mixing it with your moisturizer. Try adding one or two drops of the serum with your everyday moisturizer and use it as you normally would use your cream. This way, you will be able to see how your skin reacts to the ingredient yet without too much stimulation or irritation. But always remember to be aware of what to not mix with Vitamin C.products-for-acne-insert-image

2. Sodium Hyaluronate (hyaluronic acid)

When we think about acne fighters, we don’t always think about adding moisture to the skin but instead think to exfoliate. Although correct, adding proper moisture help fight acne bacteria from entering the skin in the first place! Using a hydrating toner or liquid not only makes the skin feel healthier and plump, but it also keeps the skin's barrier strong, stopping acne bacteria in its tracks.Q. What will be the best way to moisturize deeply without using too much product?A. Layering the toner will be the best way not only to prep your skin but also to hydrate the layers of your skin. If your skin has become sensitive and is not in the mood for 5 to 10 products, try to replacing the serum with an added layer of hydrating yet light toner.

3. Green Tea

Not just amazing to drink, using green tea on the skin is an excellent way to reduce acne! In the form of a cleanser, green tea gently exfoliates away dead skin cells, while natural soothing properties reduce inflammation, resulting in shrinking pimple sizes.Q. What product do you suggest for green tea?A. If you have never tried green tea on your face, be aware that there are some great green tea cleansers out there! The brand ‘By Wishtrend’ also offers a green tea & enzyme cleanser that is already being so much loved by acne prone skin out there thanks to its hydrating finish after cleansing and of course the goodness the ingredient does to the skin!

4. AHA, BHA, and Mandelic Acid for acne

If you’ve floated around acne research before, you might be familiar with these acids. Known for their ability to exfoliate away dead skin cells, fade acne scars, reduce oil production and reduce blackheads, using any one of these liquids is a sure way to get rid of acne!Q. How often should I use this ingredient in my routine?A. Let’s not forget that no matter how effective this ingredient is, it is an exfoliant. So, making this ingredient your skincare routine is GREAT, but let’s not overdo it. You can definitely change up the use time according to your skin type but if you have sensitive skin, once a week can be enough for you.

5. Centella Asiatica

With adult acne, more often than not the cause can be linked to dryness and inflammation. This ingredient is an all-star in terms of skin repair and soothing! When used on acne creams and treatments that contain Centella to reduce pimple sizes, calm irritation, fade acne scars and repair damaged skin cells, resulting in clear and healthy skin, so don’t pass up on it!Q. When is the best time to use Centella Asiatica?A. Between morning or night, adding this healing magical ingredient at night before you go to bed so that it will get along perfectly with your skin clock while you are asleep. However, whenever your skin feels irritated, inflamed and damaged, you can add a layer of a centella cream or a centella spot treatment will help you escape your skin emergencies.

6. Clay

If you have oily skin struggling with excessive sebum production on the skin, this ingredient must be a familiar one for you. Clay is well known to draw out impurities and absorb excess oils on the surface of the skin. Also, it exfoliates by removing dead cells off from the face and we all know that when dead skin cells are built up on our skin, it clogs pores and hello acne. That is why acne or oily prone skin adores clay masks.A. Many think of clay masks when it comes to clay, but for those of you with sensitive skin, clay mask might be a little too aggressive for you to reach out for. BUT! If you meet clay as a soap that makes frothy foam that you can enjoy in the shower for both your face and body, this will definitely make your clay experience a gentle one.Product for Acne The List to Never Forget When it Comes to Acne Article Insert 2

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