Pimple Patch, How Does It Work and Why You Need One at All Times

by Hailei Kim on Apr 22, 2020

Although I don’t have acne-prone skin, pimple patches are something I always stock up on. You can never go wrong if you have pimple patches to get you through a pimple catastrophe. Pimple patches are the quickest, easiest way to recover from a breakout. You should always have some extra pimple pads lying around for a disastrous breakout and when you need treat it in a timely manner. One second is precious and you must not wait around to watch your skin get worse. 

What are 'pimple patches'?

pimple-patch-insert-image-1Pimple patches, as you have guessed from its name, are patches that you use for your pimples. They are usually cut out in a small round shape with an adhesive side and a rather smooth side. The way to use it is also very simple. Put the patch on the part of your face and you are done! But unlike the simplicity of its name, pimple patches can do so much more for your skin. To be honest, there isn’t dermatological study to prove the effectiveness of pimple patches. Many dermatologists are even doubtful about its effectiveness. However, I am also not lying when I say that pimple patches have worked for me 10 out of 10 times. It can protect your skin, start the healing process, and prevent further acne. 

3 major benefits of 'pimple patches'

  1. 1. If you are a picker... Prevent infection
Pimple patches protect your skin from external stimuli. Your skin is already sensitive and the zit is probably a response to bacterial infection. You should not anger your skin any further and barricading your skin from pollutants that could inflame it is the first step you must take. This is great for those who have to put on makeup even when their skin is under a crisis because the patch literally barricades the most sensitive area that could easily be angered again by the chemicals in makeup products.

2. If you are impatient... Speed up the healing

Pimple patches expedite the healing process, which also means that they are not only useful for pimples but for all types of wounds that are still healing. After a day or so when you take the pimple patch off, what you will notice is that the adhesive side of the patch that used to be flat and even has now become bumpy and slightly watery. It is because pimple patches actually suck the malign substances from within your skin. You will notice after replacing the patches two or three times that the area of your skin that used to hurt because of the irritation caused by the pimple is no longer in pain. Because the irritation is gone, inflammation in your skin also disappears. 

3. If you are too bothered... Don't let the scar happen

Acne scars are caused by inflamed lesions. Because the tissues of the infected and inflamed areas are destroyed, the skin naturally prompts to create scar tissues. And when it is left untreated and becomes oxidized, it ends up leaving discoloration and pigmentation on the skin. And we all know how scars and discoloration can take lengthy time to remove and fade. This is where pimple patch comes in. If you have infected pores or if you just extracted the pus out from the pores, take a few more seconds in your skincare routine and apply a patch onto the area. This will help prevent air touching the pores and external stimulation & pollutants from further infecting the area. For all these reasons, a pimple patch is a great tool to prevent further acne. Your skin is no longer angered by external cause and at the same time it is healed. So make sure to wash your skin thoroughly before putting on the patch because the patch is no use if you trap the harmful bacteria within. 

How to use the pimple patch the proper way 

Now that we understand the benefits pimple patches have, what is the proper way to use them? There are different types of acne and each of them have different ways to cure and heal them. However, when it comes to some pimples that you are capable of extracting them at home, patch them specifically onto the area where you had the pus. After carefully extracting the pus, (it’s better to use tools like medical curettes than your hands), wait until there are no more pus or residue flowing out from the pus and then place the pore in the center and go ahead and patch it. With the time pass, you'll notice a transparent white bump forming within the patch. Some misunderstand that it is pus that has been sucked out from the pores, however it is not. It is just hydrated hydrocolloid. It is actually the moisture that turns white, just like how chronic moisture on your fingers make them white. Still that is a great news since the more moisture and oil it absorbs, the better chance of your pimple being cured. Most of the patches come with the instruction of the recommended length of time before replacing it to a new one. It usually lasts up to between 15 hours to even 24 hours, but this will vary according to which pimple patch you choose to go with. Find the seamless & long lasting pimple patch at Wishtrend you are one of those people who NEVER pops your pimples, pimple patches still work without popping them so, actually, there really isn’t a reason to fight over, right? 

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