#NotAFlaw The Story Behind Wishtrend's Journey to Skin Positivity

by Wendy Kim on Sep 05, 2021

Not a Flaw Editorial Insert Image 1 Click onto the image to check out the campaign page![/caption] Did you know that Wishtrend operates with the motto to become the platform "where your journey to positive beauty takes-off"?  Wishtrend's mission has been sharing positive beauty and that is why it continues to bring in only 'cruelty-free' brands, highlighting vegan skincare brands and embracing diversity in skincare. Through and together with Wishtrend's community (from customers, followers to partners) Wishtrend was able to amplify the message of positive beauty but also think of the next pillar of positive beauty Wishtrend should embrace with the platform it has.  And now Wishtrend is stepping up to share 'skin positivity'  

"Where your journey to positive beauty takes-off"

 Wishtrend is known to curate diverse skincare boxes such as Wish, Try, Love and Brand Packages. Each and every skincare routines and boxes at Wishtrend are curated with the purpose to break the hurdles of creating a skincare routine from the scratch and to make skincare easier and more accessible to everyone according to different skin conditions. Yet, Wishtrend truly wanted to take a moment to emphasize that no skin conditions or concerns are a flaw, hence Not a Flaw. 

Asking the question, is there such thing as 'flawless skin'?

 [caption id="attachment_746054" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Not a Flaw Insert Image 2 We asked the question on @wishtrend and we have been recieving som amazing stories from our Wishtrenders about their thoughts on "flawless skin"[/caption] Take a look at a magazine or advertisement and you’ll most likely see mentions of how to “get rid of acne”, “smooth wrinkles” or even “tighten pores”. But, rarely will you come across reassurance that these are all very normal things.  With flawlessly edited skin etched as the standard in mainstream media, the lack of visibility for people with pores, pimples, texture, hyperpigmentation and wrinkles has created a cloud of shame over anything other than “flawless”.   Inspired to promote positivity, we took the initiative to launch “Not a Flaw”, a campaign dedicated to stamping out the stigma against these so-called “flaws”. Join us in this journey to see skin in a realistic way and embrace your skin as it is.  

Wishtrend's #Not a Flaw promise to the community: 

To really highlight the idea of Not a Flaw and spread skin positivity, Wishtrend decided to make 2 promises moving forward.  Not a Flaw Insert Image 4 
  1. 1. Show real, unretouched skin in Wishtrend and By Wishtrend imagery.

  2. Each pore, line and spot is a beautiful representation of our lives and the unique beauty we all possess. Our goal has always been to empower one another, and we promise to do so by featuring retouch-free skin in all of our photographs and videos for Wishtrend and By Wishtrend.

2. Reshape the way we talk about skin

Language holds power over the way we view our world. Moving forward, we promise to talk about skin in a realistic way. While flawless skin doesn’t exist, that doesn’t mean your skin is flawed. Your “flawless” skin is your healthiest skin, and we want you to remember to celebrate your skin in every state.


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