No More Acne Suffer! We Found the Answer in Sulfur for Acne.

by Wendy Kim on Feb 09, 2020

‘Bad news’, ‘uncomfortable’, ‘unpleasant’. These are just few of the words that are always tied to ACNE. We tend to automatically flinch and frown whenever we think of times when we get acne. Whether you have acne prone skin, or you only breakout from time to time from hormones or skin irritation, no matter how many times we go through the cycle, acne never gets easy. The biggest fear we have of acne is that we feel like once we step into the stage of pus formation under our pores, it feels like there is no turning back and that we are doomed and stuck with acne for at least a week (or even a month if it leaves a scar on our skin). We want to pop it but we know that's only going to make things worse, it's a never ending dilemma. Sounds a little depressing? Well, let me lighten up the mood here! Wishtrend is here with a news that will change your thought on acne! The very first product By Wishtrend decided to launch in 2020 is here for the acne rescue! This will be your fastpass to acne cure and you'll deal with acne with confidence and a hopeful attitude!No more acne suffer with 'sulfur' with Sulfur 3% Clean Gel[caption id="attachment_145749" align="aligncenter" width="700"]sulfur for acne cover image 1 By WIshtrend Sulfur 3% Clean Gel[/caption]By Wishtrend is a 'solution based skincare brand created to fill the need for targeted care'. That is why the brand focuses on finding the most effective ingredient that will effectively and specifically target certain skin concerns and skincare needs. There has been a growing request to create a oil controlling and acne curing / preventing product on WIshtrend by the customers. With the growing request, the team of experts have found the answer to acne cure and prevention in  'sulfur' this time. Served in a tube, it is a gel type cream with 3% of sulfur and a blend of sodium hyaluronate that can be used on both acne spots and wider areas with excessive oil. 

What is 'sulfur' exactly?

Before we get into the detail of the new arrival, let's talk about the ingredient briefly. If you follow skincare, sulfur won't be a stranger. To put it simple, sulfur (colloidal sulfur) is a famous ingredient effective in curing acne. But what exactly are the properties that make sulfur an effective ingredient to cure and prevent acne? Learn a little bit more about this very yellow ingredient that emits a funky odor that either some dislike, some love. sulfur for acne insert image 2Oil control Its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial property is what makes it a significant ingredient targeted for acne. It is naturally drying on the skin however effectively extracts excessive oil and sebum from the pores. 

So, how is it different fom other sulfur products in the market? 

With effective ingredients like 'sulfur', there are already sulfur products out in the market to target acne. So why did By Wishtrend decide to add an addition to the sulfur category? By Wishtrend realized two major concerns that the customers had towards sulfur: 1) sulfur is extremely drying on the skin so that it will end up rather irritating the skin and 2) it is hard to add sulfur withuot leaving a yellow stain on the skin

The creation of Sulfur 3% Clean Gel all started from questions like...

  • - can't there be a easier way to add sulfur in a skincare routine rather than wash-off masks?
  • - can't there be a sulfur product that is light enough that can be used at any time of the day?
  • - can't there be a sulfur product that is hydrating and soothing so that even dry skin can use without fear whenever they get acne? 
The Sulfur 3% Clean Gel was designed to be used during whenever wherever you need oil control or speed up the acne cure process. 

By Wishtrend 3% Clean Gel...

  • - is hydrating and soothing, 
  • - can be used both in the morning and at night,
  • - comes in a light gel that all skin with acne concerns can use without burden,
  • - doesn't emit a skunk like scent
  • - and won't leave a yellow stain on the skin
  • Wishtrend Staffs Review 
by wishtrend sulfur clean gel

The Kill Bill to my acne! 

I've had Sulfur 3% Clean Gel on my vanity for the past month and anytime I see a sign of pus forming under the pores, I went ahead and added a dot over the spots. Even with just a small amount, the sulfur gel made sure that it controls excess sebum OVERNIGHT and the next day, either a) pus was gone or b) pulled out to the surface and be removed. Sulfur is the way to keep acne under control and acne doesn't give me too much headache anymore! ♥ - Kim Ga****

Helps with acne and hydrating!

First time using sulfur product and it was really helpful for my acne. Recommend using it on cysts more than whiteheads or blackheads. Didn't really like the smell, it lingers around for a bit. - Rachel Ki***

Don't miss this game changer

I've been always wondering what to use for my acne, but finally found a game changer! Other spot creams didn't actually work but the sulfur made a huge difference. I could see how my acne are turning smaller. I expect some people may be sensitive to the scent, but for me, I eventually get used to it while I've been trying it for more than 5 days now. - Michelle Hu***


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