New Arrival! The SPF you all have been waiting for!

by KimArin on Jun 07, 2022

There has been much exciting news earlier this year, and many of you guys may not believe that there is even more to come. Dear, Klairs’ beloved sunscreen is back and better than ever. Our staff believe that it may be the best Korean sunscreen in the market at the moment. 

Dear, Klairs, a skincare brand that pursues a balanced lifestyle, creates products that they believe their users need. Rather than having products with certain fancy special features; Klairs focuses on the core. Protecting the skin from various external factors and providing moisture without drying out, is how Klairs creates healthy skin for its users. 

The long wait was worth it, SPF 50+ PA++++ 



It is now Dear, Klairs’ turn to make sunscreen properly. The New All-Day Airy Sunscreen from Klairs has gone through three unprecedented UV clinical trials. The sunscreen, tested and made more rigorously than any other product, is now a new significant step for the brand. They confidently announced their new sunscreen to be  SPF 50 and PA+++! 


All-day Airy Sunscreen



But before we take a closer look at the clinical tests of the Dear, Klairs All-day Airy Sunscreen, let's first take a look at the ingredients and some of the major traits of this SPF that will get a lot super excited. 

Soothing Cooler

Particles in the ‘gel’ state absorb heat from the skin and change it to ‘sol’. Releasing the absorbed heat back to the ‘gel’ state is called the ‘Sol-Gel Reaction’. This is a patented ingredient that maintains the skin’s heat. This is the key ingredient to the non-sticky, fast-absorbing formula. 


A patented component of four kinds of berry extracts that suppresses unusual erythema in contact with ultraviolet light.

Portulaca Oleracea Extract 

A great soothing ingredient that protects the skin from irritation. This makes the formula ideal for snesitive skin.

Lepidium Meyenii Root Extract a.k.a. Maca Root

A medicinal plant that grows in harsh climates and barren environments at a height of 4,000m above sea level. Also, the Maca Root is rich in saponin, which is a stress-enhancing aromatic that improves adaptability due to various stress. 



Unlike other brands that tell you to use one line of products together, Klairs often curates and guides multiple lines of products to be used together. The new sunscreen is formulated to be used with any product or line of the brand. 


Mild but Powerful 

A mild, chemical sunscreen with strong UV protection that has been clinically proven in multiple ways. Made with advanced technology, the new sunscreen is mild but powerful. Proudly announcing their new sunscreen to be SPF 50 and PA+++, Klairs is now a strong competitor to the existing Korean best sunscreens in the market. 


Light as if Wearing Nothing

A refreshing finish followed by the rich moisture makes it seem like you are wearing nothing. The carefully curated formula keeps the face smooth and hydrated as if wearing nothing. It is the perfect sunscreen for people who skipped sun care due to its stuffy and oily finish. 


All-day Use Sunscreen 

By reducing ingredients that can cause skin irritation and increasing soothing ingredients, this daily sunscreen can be used comfortably even for sensitive skin. The lightweight texture definitely makes it a sunscreen you want to use every day. 

Compared to the previous UV Essence

- Emulsifier reduced to 2/3

- Allantoin increased by 200 times 

Now back to the clinical test results:

SPF (Sun Protection Factor) numbers indicate how well the sunscreen protects skin against UVB radiation. It is also an indicator of how much longer it takes skin to develop a sunburn with sunscreen applied compared to without sunscreen. PA (Protection Grade of UVA) numbers show how much protection you are getting from UVA rays. UVA rays are the most responsible for aging of the skin. To ensure product safety and quality, Klairs conducted KFDA and ISO testing at 3 testing institutions: Global Cosmeceutical Center by Semyung University, Korea Dermatology Research Institute, and Cosmeservice.


3,875 people signed up for the Beauty Tester. This makes the All-day Airy Sunscreen the most signed-up item of Wishtrend so far! Even before the launch, thousands of people were waiting for the grand comeback of Klairs’ mighty sunscreen. 


Whenever, Wherever

There is no oiliness residue or white cast, so it can be used on the face and as well as the body. Another important factor of the Klairs sunscreen is that it does not leave a white cast at all. The non-sticky, fast-absorbing finish makes it an ideal product as the last step of your skincare routine and even before makeup because it does not affect the skin tone.


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