How to Keep Skin Glowing Even During "Squid Game" 🦑

by Wendy Kim on Oct 13, 2021

squid game cover image It’s been a few weeks now since Netflix released “Squid Game” and it has blown away the world with its never seen before plot that gives you the thrill and the goosebumps! “Squid Game” has made it to the most watched series on the streaming platform. If you haven’t seen the series, you at least may have seen memes that give you a glimpse of the deadly playground games with high stakes. It is probably the biggest show in 2021 or even in the history of Netflix - and it is getting not just Korea but the world excited.  If you haven’t watched the show, it is about time you do and once you start, it will be hard to leave your couch and take your eyes away from each and every scene. So, get your snacks, drinks and your comfort blanket ready and also read this through so that you can keep your skin hydrated and dry-free during your 485 minutes of “Squid Game” binge watching! Wishtrend has your back! 

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3 Skin Glowing Tips that Squid Game Can’t Even Mess With

Here are 3 (●▲◼︎) skincare tips to keep in mind to keep skin glowing and healthy even when you are in the middle of the horrifying and haunting Squid Game!  

Red Light to Harsh Cleansing! Green Light to Low pH, Hydrating and Ingredients

The very first game that the players had to play for their life was Red Light, Green Light (called, Mugunghwa kkoci pieot seumnida in Korean). The giant doll that seems cute at first glance but has the eery looking eyes spots everyone whomoves at red light. Just like you run for life only during green light, go full head over heels to cleansers 1) that are low pH, 2) has a hydrating property and 3) contains antioxidant and skin friendly ingredients 📖 Read: Why pH Lvel Matters for Skin? All About Skin Acid Mantles & pH Level on Skin 

Importance of gentle cleansing: 

It can be really easy, when faced with breakout prone skin, to choose a cleanser with harsh ingredients. Products that contain higher levels of salicylic acid, for example, as well as cleansing the skin of excess oil can actually strip the skin of the oil it needs. This can leave you with dry skin, which can make the sebaceous glands work overtime to produce even more oil. Using a gentle cleanser, that combines salicylic acid and active ingredients to soothe the skin can be a better option for skin prone to breakouts. Also, don't restrict your cleansing routine to cleansing foams and cleansing oil but expand your cleansing routine to enzyme cleansers, using toner as your cleansing water and toner pads.  

Just Like the Dalgona Game, Choose Your Exfoliant Carefully

Dalgona Game took the world by surprise! This traditional Korean treat / game that resonates with Koreans turned into a nightmare in "Squid Game". The best way to win the game and spare your life is to choose the shape imprinted onto the honeycomb cookie very carefully (the straighter and simpler the line of the shape is, the easier you will be able to jab away the shape without breaking it). A great skincare tip for glowing and healthy skin is to choose your exfoliating products carefully and wisely just like you would choose your "Dalgona" cookie. 
Squid Game



There are many different ways to exfoliate skin and we all have our own preferences. Whether it is the ingredient or the method of exfoliating, there is no right or wrong but it is best to stay away form harsh exfoliants or exfoliators for your skin. Between a physcial and chemical exfoliator, make sure to figure out which type effectively exfoliates your skin but also puts your skin at ease. 


📖 Read: How to Exfoliate Face 101: The Full Exfoliating Guide


◼︎ Collect Marbles & Collect Life Changing Skincare Products ◼︎

In "Squid Game", the marble game scene made us all burst into tears as the players had to compete for life and death with their partner. The game made the players collect all the marbles of the opponent player for their life. Just like the players were dedicated to collect all the marbles, make sure you go around and collect handy and effecient skincare products that could possibly make your skincare more effective and easier. 


Below are some of the skincare items you might want to keep it on your vanity at all times: 

• Acne Patches: If you have inflammed acne or you just popped a pimple, the acne patch will halep heal the wound & prevent scarring.

• Toner Pad: You could use it as your first step of skincare but you can even use it as an exfoliator or to cleanse face without your normal cleanser!

• SPF: Always keep it close to you because protecting your skin from the rays is the best way to keep skin healthy and prevent skin dehydration. 


📖 Read: Pimple Patch 101: The Do's and Don'ts of Pimple Patches


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