How to Detox Skin with 3 Step Skincare: From Cleansing to Mask

by Wendy Kim on Jan 17, 2018

“Detox”. 7 day detox plan, detox juice, detox diet, detox massage. Yes, detox is everywhere and everything added with detox just sounds better. Detox, like the word itself implies, is a type of treatment that we give to our body to remove accumulated toxic and waste in our body through different ways ranging from drinking lemon juice or control in daily diet. But did you think ‘detox’ was just for your body? Better to think once more and hear me out.

Pay Attention to Skin Detox

I recommend to start paying attention to ‘skin detox’. Think about it, skin is the largest organ that covers our entire body and is in constant contact with all kinds and sorts of elements we encounter in daily lives. Thus, waste, dirt & pollutants from the environment is accumulated and are clogged in our pores.How to Detox Skin with 3 Step Skincare From Cleansing to Mask Article Insert 1

What toxifies the skin?

It ranges from smoke, fumes emitted from cars, fine dusts, air particle pollution and frictions we experience daily to UVA / UVB rays. Basically everything our skin gets to go through in a day can toxify the skin. And when these accumulates on the skin, it can clog pores, irritate the skin, sensitize skin surface, weaken skin’s barrier, and even develop into eczema, redness and breakouts. And like our body, our skin sends out a signal when their skin is in need of detox. Some of the signs can be dull skin, flaky skin, rough skin texture, dryness, whiteheads, inflammatory acne and the list can go on.

3 Simple Skin Detox Steps: Cleanse, Purify, Hydrate

Now the brighter side of the story! No worries because ‘skin detox’ is not too hard. Skin detox can come naturally into your daily routine and maybe most of you would have been doing it, but what matters is to do it right & effectively.

Step 1. Cleansing

Number 1 priority of skin detox is, cleansing. Everlasting fact that will never change. Skin detox all starts with a ‘good’ cleansing. Before you revitalize your skin to be healthy and detoxed, of course you would want to remove all the impurities, waste, pollutants on the surface of your face and clogged in the pores. From now, step into the cleansing step with the will to not only remove makeup you had for the day but to clear away your skin to the fullest. Also reach for cleansing products that can effectively cleanse makeup and impurities off but doesn’t irritate the skin because you don’t want to make the skin angry again when it’s already gone through a lot for the entire day.Detox skin with [BY WISHTREND] Green Tea & Enzyme Powder WashHow to Detox Skin with 3 Step Skincare From Cleansing to Mask Article Insert 2

Step 2. Purify

Once you are done with cleansing, it means that you got yourself a clean skin canvas to give care to, to give detox care to. Then of course comes the toner step and then it’s time to purify and refresh the skin. There are so many great ingredients that will help you with skin purifying but stick with the very basic, oxygen. As polluted air needs fresh oxygen, it applies same for the skin. Give your skin a oxygen boost and there are several ingredients that can do that and bamboo water is one of many. And there’s no better way to do it in a serum, essence step.Detox skin with [SKIN & LAB] Oxygen Ultimate Brightening EssenceHow to Detox Skin with 3 Step Skincare From Cleansing to Mask Article Insert 3

Step 3. Hydrate & Strengthen

We’re almost done with complete 3 step ‘skin detox’. Once you’re done with removing waste, purifying the skin, it’s time to hydrate the skin to the deepest level and strengthen the skin’s natural barrier to make your skin less prone to external toxins. And sheet mask is one great way to do it. Find a hydrating, not just hydrating but water bomb hydrating sheet mask that will deliver moisture for a good amount of time and see if it contains ingredients such as Beta-glucan and Niacinamide because these will do good for your skin’s barrier.Detox skin with [BY WISHTREND] Hours Long Moisturizing Gauze Sheet MaskHow to Detox Skin with 3 Step Skincare From Cleansing to Mask Article Insert 4

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