Face Yoga for Glow Up! Here's Wishtrend TV's New Glow Up Project

by Wendy Kim on Sep 27, 2021

Wishtrend TV Glow Up Project Insert Image 1  Wishtrend TV has been preparing for something very special for a while!  The Glow Up proejct is finally here and it is about to elevate your life, and make you find the 'glowiest' version of yourself!  

"Go Glowiest Version of Yourself"

 The Glow Up proejct by Wishtrend TV was first designed with the mission to offer you a very moment dedicated just for yourself to not only enhance your skin but also your inner beauty by encouraging a healthier lifestyle. Just like Wishtrend TV's motto, 'sharing positive beauty everywhere' Wishtrend TV aspires to share a series of contents that will boost your GLOW!  

Glow Up Project is Kicking it off with FACE YOGA

The very first season of the Glow Up Project will be themed around 'Face Yoga'  It will be a four week long series where Wishtrend TV will be releasing four distinctive face yoga video specially designed and curated in collaboration with the ICAA's International Aromatherapist Expert.  Week 1. Detox Face YogaWeek 2. Brightening Face YogaWeek 3. Voluming Face YogaWeek 4. Aroma Therapy Face Yoga*Click onto the link to check out the full video on Wishtrend TV / the links will be updated as the videos are uploaded on the channel 

What is face yoga?

For those of you unfamiliar with the idea of face yoga, before you’re asking “Does face yoga work?,” you’re probably wondering, “What is it?”In essence, face yoga is exercising the muscles of the face to enlarge and strengthen them. It may consist of gentle massages, or stretching and working the muscles of the face through holding different facial expressions. Yoga, in the traditional sense, isn’t by any means a full-fledged workout comprised of dumbells and other hardcore elements of a workout, but it still does fully work the muscles – and can be tiring. Over time, this tones the body, and in the same sense, face yoga does the same. It’s a completely natural, and easy way you can make the face appear younger. 

Does face yoga work? What are the benefits?

Overtimes, as our body’s muscles deteriorate, the skin and muscles of our face inevitably change as well. We start to see more fine lines and wrinkles as we lose elasticity and volume. By correctly working the different layers of our face, which largely include the skin and fat, there is increased blood circulation, allowing more oxygen and nourishment to reach our skin cells. They start to stimulate collagen and elastin production in our skin’s dermis, resulting in a clear, healthy complexion, and a more defined face.

Episode 1. Detox Face Yoga 

Wishtrend TV Glow Up Proejct Detox Face Yoga Insert Image 1 The very first episode of the Glow Up Project is all about the Detox Face Yoga. If you are looking for a way to effectively calm your puffy face this Detox Face Yoga episode will help you through it.

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