FAQ: Klairs Mid day Blue UV Shield, You Asked, Our CS Team Answered

by Wendy Kim on Jun 03, 2020

All your most frequently asked questions on the Klairs Mid day Blue UV Shield answered with the help of Wishtrend’s CS team. Whether you just got one, thinking of getting one, or in the search of a physical susncreen for this summer, this will be a guide for you to enhance your experience with the Blue UV Shield and stay protected under the sun.  If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate and ask away via  

Klairs Mid day Blue UV Shield

faq-klairs-mid-day-blue-uv-shield-insert-image-1 Klairs Mid day Blue UV Shield ▶ To learn about the Klairs Mid day Blue UV Shield: Time to Get Physical with New Klairs Mid day Blue UV Shield 
  1. Q. Is the Mid day Blue UV Shield dermatologist-approved?

 First and foremost, there are different standards among different countries when it comes to tagging a product as ‘dermatologist-approved’. So, it is important to look into more detail on the types of tests a product has done when it comes to figuring out whether the product is suitable for sensitive skin or your specific skin condition. The Klairs Mid day Blue UV Shield has been tested with the ‘primary skin irritation’ and the ‘primary sensitive skin irritation test’. And this is what makes the Klairs Mid day Blue UV Shield be referred to as the sunscreen suitable for sensitive skin.  
  1. Q. How much zinc oxide and titanium dioxide does the Klairs Blue UV Shield contain?

 When it comes to fully disclosing the level of percentage of ingredients formulated in a product for a brand, it is tricky. That is why we always suggest to resort to and look into the level of UV protection a sunscreen can give your skin. Keeping in mind that zinc oxide and titanium dioxide is the leading ingredient that are protecting the skin from UV rays, Klairs Mid day Blue UV Shield, according to the standard of the KFDA (The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety), has been approved with ‘SPF50+ PA++++’. 
  1. Q. Why does UV shield contain fragrance when it is said to be suitable for sensitive skin? And is Klairs willing to remove fragrance in the future? 

 The natural scent of the combination of ingredients formulated in the Klairs Mid day Blue UV Shield carries a very peculiar fragrance, and not necessarily a pleasant one. Klairs wanted to offer a more pleasant experience for the customers regarding the scent and thus formulated a very small portion of ‘allergen-free’ fragrance. Note that this ‘allergen-free’ fragrance found in the Klairs Mid day Blue UV Shield has been tested on sensitive skin.  
  1. Q. What is the PPD of the Klairs Mid day Blue UV Shield?

 PPD is short for Persistent Pigment Darkening. The higher level PPD is, the better it will protect your skin from UVA rays. PPD is one of the most common ways to measure the level of PFA which is short for Protection Factor of UVA. To simply put it, think of it as PFA≒PPD, PA. Keeping this in mind, the Klairs Mid day Blue UV Shield has the PPD level of 19. And this is what makes it a sunscreen with PA ++++.  
  1. Q. There are some studies that say the ingredient ‘guaiazulene’ can be phototoxic under visible light and even possibly carcinogenic. So, is it safe to use? 

 The phototoxicity problem of guaiazulene was raised due to the potential for mutagenesis in Salmonella typhimurium bacteria experiments, But Studies published later have reported that azulene and guaiazulene do not pose a risk in phototoxicity testing. Slight phototoxicity can be observed under special experimental conditions, but this is reported to be due to the toxicity of the reactive oxygen species, not the phototoxicity of azulene or guaiazulene itself. In addition, Mid day Blue UV Shield is a physical sunscreen. As it forms a layer of shield over the skin rather than being absorbed into the layers of the skin, UV rays are reflected before it reaches the skin, so this even further prevents the chance of the risk.   

  1. Q. What is the ingredient that Klairs Mid day Blue UV Shield has that gives protection against UVA 1 rays?

 There are two different types of UV radiation, the UVA and the UVB. And it is commonly known that UVA poses more threat on the skin since a much larger percentage of them reaches the surface all day long, all year-round even when the sun is not out. And there are two different types of UVA rays, the UVA1 and UVA2 differ through the range of wavelengths. The ingredient 'zinc oxide' and 'titanium dioxide' formulated in the Mid day Blue UV Shield is what will protect your skin from both UVA and UVB rays.  

  1. Q. Is the Mid day Blue UV Shield vegan? 

 Yes. Klairs is the brand that not only aspires to be cruelty-free but also vegan. The Klairs Mid day Blue UV Shield, just like many other products from Klairs, is vegan.  
  1. Q. How is this different from the Klairs Soft Airy UV Essence?
 The biggest difference is that the two protect the skin from UV rays in a totally different way. The Klairs Mid day Blue UV Shield is a physical sunscreen, while the Soft Airy UV Essence is a chemical sunscreen. Both are designed to carry a light and moisturizer like texture and to be soothing and gentle on the skin. However, they are formulated with different ingredients, leaving a different finish on the skin and that is why different skin types will be attracted to these two sunscreen from Klairs.  ▶ For the full comparison between the two, read: Klairs Physical Sunscreen vs Chemical Sunscreen: Battle of the Best
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