Energize Your Glow: Enter the Campaign Now!

by JeeSehee on Feb 14, 2023


Never feel dull, inside and out.

The word "glow" can mean so many different things.
For some, it's only the surface radiance. But for us, it's the healthy energy that shines from within.
With By Wishtrend's Propolis Energy, you can easily achieve a youthful glow by enhancing the skin's
immune system & moisture barrier; a true source of #GlowEnergy for anyone!

What helps to energize your glow?
Don't gatekeep and share what gives you the #GlowEnergy with us and the rest of the Wishtrenders.

Campaign Period

Contest Entry : Feb. 17th ~ 26th (CST)

Voting : Mar. 1st ~ 3rd (CST)

How to Participate

1. Enter the contest by making an Instagram post (images or reels) about whatever that helps you keep energized, glowing and happy! No need to be beauty / skincare related.

2. Upload on your feed (NOT story) using all three hashtags:
#GlowEnergy #Wishtrenders #ByWishtrend

3. Tag all three accounts:
@bywishtrend @wishtrend @wishtrendtv

4. Make sure to be following us on IG for a better chance to win.

How the Contest Works

✅ Contest entry can be made by the end of Feb. 26th (CST), which then we will pick top 6 creators.

✅ The top 6 creators' contents will be voted by everyone via Google Form from Mar. 1st to 3rd. (Candidates need to agree for us to repost the contents)

For those who participate whether it be simply entering the contest, or even just voting, there will be great gifts waiting.  

✅ Keep up with the updates on IG @wishtrend and @bywishtrend.


🥉3rd place

30 x Propolis Energy Line sets for those who enter the contest by posting. (one set for each, randomly picked) 

🥈2nd place

Top 6 Creators chosen will each win 5 By Wishtrend products of their choice and a Propolis TMI Box.

🥇1st place

Final winner will win $100 Wishtrend Gift Card and Bakuchiol TMI Box in addition to the top 6 creator gifts.

🎁 For those who participate in voting, everyone will receive a Wishtrend discount code

+ 10 random voters will receive Propolis Energy Line sets

Check Out

By Wishtrend

Propolis Energy Calming Ampoule

The award-winning Propolis Energy Calming Ampoule is the serum that will take your glow to the next level.

Not only it contains the star ingredient propolis which helps to nourish the skin and enhance the skin’s immune system, but houttuynia cordata extract is formulated in place of water to heighten the soothing effects, while zinc PCA helps to control sebum, speeding up the acne improvement process.



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