Best Ingredients Combination to Tackle Acne

by Claudia Christin on Mar 02, 2023

Acne combination

Acne is an extremely common skin condition worldwide. In average, about over 80% of people between the age of 12 – 40 are experiencing some types of acne. Everyone from different age group, from teenager to even adult, are dealing with it and it has been the number one top skin concern that get someone into skincare.

different active ingredients

There are quite a lot of different active ingredients that can be used to target different cause ofacne: clogged pores, inflammation, or the over-production of sebum. If you’re on a ‘breakout’ phase, you may get desperate into trying different types of active ingredients out there in the market. 

But, stop there! We are going to save your skin from all the trouble and possible irritation of combining multiple active ingredients in one routine.

List of Ingredients

Here is the list of ingredients that you can look for as it is or in combination with other ingredients that has a role in targeting acne.

list of ingredients

Here are some of the combinations best for different skin tolerance and different kind of acne.

ingredient combinations

*Even if you have sensitive skin, it doesn’t mean that you can’t try stronger active ingredients, itis just that you have to be more careful and cautious in the frequency and ways of using it.

Avoid on using or layering over 3 different types of active ingredients in one routine. Some ofthese ingredients either have potential to irritate or dry out your skin.

how long does it take to see visible results?

How Long Does It Take For You to See Visible Results?

It generally takes at least 28 days for you to see visible significant result on your skin. Although it highly depends on the type and severity of acne you’re dealing with. You cannot expect instant result for problem that you’ve been dealing for days – even years. 

Keep on going, be consistent and don’t forget to watch out on some other lifestyle factors that you may exacerbate your acne.

Other Things That You Should Pay Attention To:

  • Sleep
  • Lifestyle
  • Diet
  • Stress management
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