6 Common Cleansing Mistakes to Avoid | Cleansing Skincare Tips

by WISHCOMPANY INC on Jul 21, 2021

 One of the most basic and fundamental skincare steps is cleansing. It is a way for you to get a good kick start of your skincare routine by removing any excess dirt, pollution, sebum, and also dead skin cells. A lot of people are underestimating the power of a good cleanse on a skincare routine. A good cleanse is not only from a good cleanser but also the way you use it. If you don’t cleanse your skin well, maybe you’re not optimizing the rest of your expensive serum in your skincare routine. Here are some of the most common cleansing mistakes that you want to avoid to get the best out of your skincare products!    

Mistake 1. You’re using a cleanser that is too harsh for your skin

There is no one-size-fits-all in skincare, this rule applies with your cleanser too. Some products are intended for oily, acne-prone skin and some are very gentle for those with sensitive or dry skin. We are very lucky that we have plenty of options available in the market, from powder, gel to even foam cleansers that are catered for different skin types as well as lifestyles. In general, a great cleanser is the one with a well-balanced pH, cleanses your skin well without making your skin excessively stripped (dry).  

✓ For dry skin :

Choose a cleanser with gentle gel, foam, or milk surfactant and that is enriched

with humectants that can cleanse your skin while maintaining your skin barrier.


Gentle Black Facial Cleanser



✓ For normal–combination skin :

If you have normal–combination skin, your option is endless!


Acid-duo 2% Mild Gel Cleanser



✓ For oily skin :

Choose a cleanser with a gel-to foam texture that is enriched with exfoliating

ingredients like salicylic acid that can help deep cleanse the pores from any

excess sebum and dirt.Your skin will feel new and fresh after cleansing.


Green Tea & Enzyme Powder Wash



Mistake 2. You didn’t clean your hands

This may sound obvious, but a lot of people tend to forget about this simple one. By washing your hand before you touch your skin (even with a cleanser on), you minimize the chance of the transfer of hundreds to thousands of germs from your palm to your skin. Get yourself a good hand wash before moving on with your cleansing step.  

Mistake 3. You’re using water that is too hot or cold

It is recommended to use lukewarm water when you wash your skin. Water that is either too hot or cold may strip off and damage your skin barrier off its balance. This will all lead to dryness and even more irritated skin.    

Mistake 4. You’re missing out on some blind-spot

Have you been noticing a pattern of breakout along your hairline, ear area, or jawline? You probably have not been cleansing or rinsing that “blind-spot” area well. Take your time while cleansing and make sure to get your cleanser on that specific area as well. Massage your cleanser for at least 20 – 30 seconds and get it to all the ridges on your face before you move on to your next step.  

Mistake 5. You’re not double cleansing when you need to

We have talked about double cleansing from our previous article that you can read here. At times, when you wear a lot of heavy-duty makeup or the air quality in your area is pretty bad, you have to rely on a double cleansing method to make sure that you’ve removed all the unwanted dirt off your skin. 

Read the detailed comparison of two cleansing oil from Dear, Klairs

 Dear, Klairs Cleansing Oil Comes in Two, How to Pick the One for You for Daily Cleansing


Gentle Black Deep Cleansing Oil



Mistake 6. You’re overwashing your skin

We have talked about how good a cleansing step is for your skin. However, too much of a good thing is a bad thing. So does cleansing. Doing too much cleansing can do more damage than good to your skin. While cleanser helps to remove excess dirt, it will inevitably remove the essential natural sebum. Cleanse your skin early in the morning and before you go to bed would be enough for it to do its job. If you have to do it more than 2 times (if you are exercising or exposed to a lot of dust), make sure to replenish the water-oil balance with a good moisturizer. 

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