5 Ways to Calm & Repair Irritated Sensitive Skin with 1 Cream

by Wendy Kim on Aug 28, 2017

‘Sensitive Skin’. We’ve heard of it countlessly by now and we don’t even remember when we first picked acquaintance with it. But, what exactly is sensitive skin? What causes it and how can you make it better? Regardless of skin types, your skin can turn sensitive or irritated due to countless factors and just because you weren’t born with sensitive skin, does not mean that you are 100% safe from becoming one. So, no matter how far you’re from sensitive skin type, it is really important for all of us to be aware of WHAT sensitive skin is, WHY our skin becomes sensitive and HOW to properly calm and repair skin irritation according to your skin condition.

What Irritates our Skin?

Let us start by knowing the enemy. There are many different factors that surround us that causes skin irritation and turns our skin into sensitive skin condition. Know that more than you would imagine, our skin is very prone to stimulations. You’ll actually be surprised with some of the factors listed down below.

Some of the factors that can irritate your skin.

- External factors. (UV rays / fine dust / heat) - Dry environment. (home / office / care and etc) - Acne. (and after popping pimples) - Shaving. - Laser treatment / stimulating skincare. - Makeup for a long period of time. - Application of skincare or makeup products that don't suit my skin. - Hands or clothes touching the skin. - and etc.

Easy Home Care Tips to Calm Skin Irritation

Now that we know what can irritate our skin, it’s time to look into how to solve it. of taking control of our skin by calming and repairing our sensitive skin properly. Before we straight go into introducing you with some of our effective and precise solutions with product recommendations, here are some of the easy home care tips to calm irritated skin. They are very simple to follow and can come handy when your skin is in need of quick calming and soothing care.

1.Sponge Cotton Pad meets Normal Saline Solution (Isotonic Sodium Chloride Injection)

You might be surprised to see Normal Saline as an item for a solution to irritated sensitive skin. But surprisingly, normal saline has been proved to be very effective for skin care, especially to calm and repair irritated sensitive skin. Just remember that it is not the saline solution that you would use to cleanse contact lenses but Isotonic Sodium Chloride Injection which is normally known to be used for nose cleansing. How to : Soak 3-4 Klairs Sponge Cotton Pads with the normal saline solution and gently dab onto your face as you would apply toner. Or you can even use it as a sheet mask by pasting onto irritated parts of your skin.

2.Make room for your skincare products in the fridge!

But, if you cannot get hands on a normal saline solution or don’t have time to go get it, there is always a very simple habit you can build as long as you have a fridge at home. All you have to do is put your skincare products ranging from a toner, serum, sheet masks to a moisturizer in the fridge. Cooling the products help to not only calm and soothe your irritated skin condition but also gives that extra cooling effect when your skin is heated up as well.

3.Foil it up

There are those times when your skin is irritated or sensitive and you need a quick calming or cooling solution. Then this is what you would find it helpful. Rather than storing the toner soaked cotton pads into a plastic container to save it in the fridge, try using a cooking foil. The foil can deliver the cool temperature that you need much faster so you won’t have to wait forever to cool and calm your irritated skin. How to : Soak 3-4 Klairs Toner Mate 2 in 1 Cotton Pads (either sponge or compressed) and then wrap them with foil and throw them in the fridge.

The Midnight Blue Calming Cream :

The best way to calm & repair irritated sensitive skin fast & effectively

5 Ways to Calm & Repair Irritated Sensitive Skin with 1 Cream Article Insert 1[KLAIRS] Midnight Blue Calming Cream

The easy home care tips suggested above to calm and soothe irritated skin can come in handy from time to time. But can they really repair our sensitive skin condition that has been not only irritated but damaged? There are many times when our skin becomes irritated and damaged to the point where you need more than just calming, cooling and soothing effect but in need of an actual repairing effect. (Occasions such as skin rashes, acne, burns and etc.) So what you need is a multi-effective cream that will not only do the basics (calming, cooling and soothing) but also that can repair damaged irritated skin. Here is the perfect cream that will save your sensitive skin condition during emergency situations. The Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Cream that presents a pastel tone light blue color that comes from the natural ingredient Guaiazulene not only protect your skin from irritation and stress but also repair damaged skin with the help of Centella Asiatic Extract.

5 Ways to Calm & Repair Irritated Sensitive Skin for Each Skin Condition.

5 Ways to Calm & Repair Irritated Sensitive Skin with 1 Cream Article Insert 2 Now that you know when the Blue Cream will come in handy, now it’s time for us to present you with 5 ways to calm & repair irritated sensitive skin for each skin condition! We have brought some of the great tips of using the Blue Cream with other products according to different skin condition when your skin is irritated. With the following using tips, you will be able to calm and repair your irritated sensitive skin according to different skin conditions and your needs.

1) Casual Routine for Irritated Skin

Your casual routine for irritated skin will help to calm and soothe your skin. After applying toner, with the Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Serum first, provide a layer of rich moisture and cool the skin surface temperature. Then finish your skincare step with the Blue Cream to calm and soothe your irritated skin and this won’t give your skin any burden.

2) Irritated Skin with Acne & Troubles

If your sensitive skin is struggling with acne or has been irritated accompanying troubles, here is a perfect way you can use the blue cream. By adding the Centella Dressing Powder, it will turn the blue cream into a magical cream that will save your troubled skin in desperate times of need. The powder has a gentle formula that relieves stress and helps to soothe the skin from further breakouts.

3) Irritated Skin with Acne Scars & Pigmentation

Now here is a great way for irritated skin condition concerned with acne scars and pigmentation. We all know that vitamin ingredient is effective for fading acne scars and pigmentation. All you have to do is add a few drops of nonirritating mild vitamin serum onto the blue cream and apply a layer onto your skin. It will not only calm irritated skin but also fade scars and brighten the overall skin complexion.

4) Irritated Skin with Lack of Hydration

A lot of us lack hydration when our skin has become irritated. Then you would want to add hydration onto the blue cream. Add the Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Cream which has great oil & water balance in the ratio of 1:2 (or you can change the ratio according to how much more hydration you want to add).

5) Irritated Skin with Loss of Elasticity

If you want to boost elasticity and add nourishment onto your irritated skin it is important to add a non-irritating cream that carries those functions. Try mixing By Wishtrend Vitamin 75 Maximizing Cream which carries Vitamin E, an excellent ingredient for rejuvenation of the skin and to prevent the appearance of aging and loss of elasticity. Your irritated skin condition will love this combo because the Vitamin cream is rich in moisture with a nonsticky texture.

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