3 Secrets on How to Cure Acne Without Popping Them

by Lorena Jimenez on Mar 08, 2020

I am pretty sure there is no one that feels comfortable walking around with a big blemish on their face. You know one of those huge pimples that seem to be saluting everybody on your behalf. At the same time, we all know popping pimples is a huge reason for scarring on the face so,what do we do?Just in case you might need to indulge on that pimple popping, today I am going to give you directions on how to cure acne WITHOUT popping them. With this, you will not only be able to remove that little friend but also avoid as much as damage you can. 

When to NOT extract VS When to extract 

First, you need to realize that there are different types of blemishes and each and one of them has to be extracted accordingly to its specific characteristics. My general advice on any acne extraction would be:


Try to avoid any pimple popping unless extremely necessary or done by a well trained professional. Because treating the blemish, applying sulfur or vitamin c, or applying a pimple patch, could be a better option to prevent acne from worsening and avoid extra skin damage. With the right care and prevention, you won’t even have to bother with extracting them or worrying about scarring. 

1) Sulfur : When you see pus formation

With sulfur, it has a long reputation as an effective acne cure along with tea tree oil. With sulfur, you can cure acne even before it develops into severe acne and before pus develops into leaving a mark on the skin. Thanks to the nature of sulfur, it has the ability to absorb oil and sebum. it is recommended to be used small amounts specifically onto the acne spots due to its drying property, however, once applied specifically onto the spots where you see pus formation, the next morning, you'll notice less pus or even bumps be flattened.

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2) Vitamin C : For acne prone skin

Vitamin C needs no introduction as a great ingredient for acne prone skin. Both effective to fade acne pigmentation but also effective in controlling dead skin cells. Adding Vitamin C in your skincare routine will be a great way to add antioxidants in your routine but also to prevent pus formation and breakouts. For effective Vitamin C care, using a Vitamin C serum is recommended however, make sure to find the one that will work not only effective but gentle on your skin. The percentage of Vitamin C varies among different Vitamin C serums, so make sure you test out the product on smaller areas before you begin full application.

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3) Pimple patch : For inflamed acne and to prevent further irritation

Pimple patches have become one of the staples on our vanity because you never know when you'll need them. There are many occasions when acne become worse due to exposure to pollutants and irritation caused from touching and exposure to UV rays and certain skincare ingredients. This is when pimple patches come in handy. If you have active acne and the spots have been irritated and inflamed, it is best to keep the spots safe from external irritation and stimulation. Apply the pimple patch onto those spots whether you have to spend the day out or before you sleep and it'll help cure acne with less possibility of acne scarring.

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